Friday's 5 at 5: My Craft Skills

I’m starting a new tradition. I am a list maker. I thrive off lists. Therefore, each Friday I will post my list of 5 things at 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. I am actually not awake a 5 a.m. and am usually trying to get dinner going at 5 p.m. But that’s when I’ll schedule it to be published.

This week’s 5 at 5 is a list of craft skills I haveā€¦

  1. Framing. I worked at a bookstore’s art and framing department as a framer through my 4 years of college. I loved helping people pick out mats and frames for their artwork. I loved going to work being surrounded by art and creativity. It was one of my favorite jobs.
  2. Sewing. I am an amateur seamstress. I just picked up the skill in college when, due to shortage of budget, my dance group had to make our own dance costumes. My lines were horrible, but at least no one in the audience could tell.
  3. Crocheting. My mom has always crocheted but never taught more more than doing a long, straight line. Last year, while I was pregnant with my second, I wanted to crochet matching hats for my girls. I bought a book, Googled stitches, watched tutorials on YouTube, and taught myself how to do it.
  4. Penmanship. I have great penmanship. I am also good at coming up with fun letterings for projects.
  5. Cooking. Don’t call me chef, but I can follow a recipe well. We don’t eat out much, so I am in the kitchen 7 days a week.

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