BTB Tip #1: Trashless Car

Introducing back to basics tips (BTB). Ideas, suggestions, and hints to help you with everything and anything. Hoping it will help in making our lives simple. Resulting in more efficient use of our time. Leading to more time to enjoy or do the things we love.

Back to basics tip #1: I often receive comments from others about the cleanliness of my car with two children passengers. I learned it all from my father. The trick to having a clean car is to keep the trash out. Even if it’s not vacuumed or haven’t been dusted or polished, the car will be noticeably cleaner if you just get rid of the garbage and put away things that do not belong in the car (shoes, food containers, blankets, toys, books).

Reuse plastic grocery bags and keep a few somewhere accessible, but not too noticeable such as the pockets on the back of the driver or passenger seat. Any time you have trash in the car, grab a bag and collect all the pieces of garbage. Do a routine check every few days. I do a quick scan over of the interior of my car whenever I park the car in the garage. Collect the trash, grab the things that needed to go back in the house, then come back for the kids. It only takes seconds.

5 Responses to “BTB Tip #1: Trashless Car”

  • Stephanie

    I’ve also found that picking a certain time each week to de-junk is helpful. My son goes to speech therapy once each week for 45 minutes, which doesn’t give me much time to do anything … except clean out the car. You can also put things in separately organized bags to bring back in the house where they belong (bag for clothes, bag for shoes, etc.) Still–more often would be better, but we do what we can, right?

  • Susan

    My car gets a total clean out every time I fill up. Those 5 minutes while the gas is pumping is all you need to make sure the trash doesn’t take over! AND the garbage can is right there! Done and done.

  • Daniela

    im all about the dollar store organization! i grabbed a $1 trash can (small under the desk size) and threw it in the back seat on the floor. always keep a handful of old plastic shopping bags (in the net behind my seat) so i can line the can, and i empty it when im at the gas station filling up (just like @susan) like she said the trash is right there!

  • Nicole

    Like Stephanie we use therapy time to spiffy the car. I find keeping wipes in the car helps with many things. Some things we wish would never happen again (I was told bananas just jumped on the floor).


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