BTB Tip #4: Out the Door

Back to basics tip #4: Now that the children are heading back to school (except mine because they’re not old enough), make heading out the door in the mornings easier. Do most of the work the night before. Have each child prepare his/her backpack and set it next to the door or in the car. Prepare lunches if you can. If not, pack the non-perishable items the night before. Check to make sure they have all their papers signed, forms, assignments, and homework. Have them lay out their clothes. Get non-perishable breakfast foods to set on the table. It will calm your mornings.

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  • Janet Williams

    This is a great tip, and works well. Sometimes the evenings are hectic and it doesn’t completely happen, but it sets a good habit of having everything prepared. My son age 13 will still set out his clothes sometime–in the shape of his body, draped over a chair–shirt, then pants, then socks and shoes–it is funny.


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