Friday’s 5 at 5: Smart Phone

I sport a smart phone. I find it useful for…

  1. Recipes. I am in the process of listing often used recipes on a separate blog. It is categorized and have photos attached to the recipes. And since my computer is not in the kitchen, I look up my recipe blog on my phone and voila! Access to my recipes in the palm of my hand.
  2. Lists. My to-do and grocery lists have been digitalized on my phone. Now, as long as I have my phone with me, I don’t forget my grocery list.
  3. Instruction manual. When I am downstairs working on my crafts, I don’t have access to my computer upstairs. So when I need the instructions from a tutorial online, I have it bookmarked on my phone.
  4. Photo album. Want to see the latest pictures of my kids? Here, let me know you. And I take pictures of my kids as we head out to somewhere crowded (museums, zoos, festivals). So if they ever get lost, I have the most current pictures of them and what they are wearing that day with me.
  5. Alarm. My husband and I set aside alone time every evening where we can talk about daily events and write our reflections on things we are grateful for. But for that to actually happen, I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me of our appointment with each other.

3 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Smart Phone”

  • Lorinda

    i know this sounds silly, but my phone with it’s cover is exactly 4.5 inches long. I use it to measure things like the distance between my fridge and the cupboard and the basket that i want to buy to go there when i don’t happen to have my measuring tape with me at the store.

  • Fields Of Heather

    I’ve been putting recipes in google docs, in folders, then using the gdocs app on my phone to access them… and I can share them with my online friends there too.

    This week we used our phones as levels when putting in new chicken fence. Bubble app. We use them for geocachig. Our Groceries is the best to do list app for us on the farm, because it automatically syncs between phones. I listen to Walk In The Word podcast while I clean in the morning… I could go on! I use my phone for so much I gave it it’s own blog. LOL!

  • lisa

    i use my iphone for my child. I have up loaded two applications on it one is i tot cards and one is children videos. The flash cards show him a picutre or the animal says the name of it and even makes the animal sound. Very easy to use he is two and has been using for the past 6 monthes. The videos work wonders when were waiting for doctores appts or for food at a restraunt,


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