Friday’s 5 at 5: Bed Sheets

Not only for beds. I found king size white, pink, and cream flat sheets at the thrift store for $1.50 each. I’ve used it for…

  1. Rough drafts. Drafting my own pattern doesn’t always work out the first time. So I rough draft it with the sheets to save making mistakes on fancy fabrics.
  2. Forts. Building forts with the girls. Great past times.
  3. Photo backgrounds. Made my own studio photography at home by pinning sheets up as the backdrop or lay it on a chair for little things.
  4. Trims. Remember the bandana skirts I made Kaye and Elle? The trims were from the white sheets.
  5. Parachutes. Forget about the expensive $80 parachutes. Make your own or just use plain sheets to play parachute with the kiddos.

2 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Bed Sheets”

  • Melissa {is•ly}

    I’ve been looking and not looking for thrifted sheets! I keep thinking how desperately I need to find cool vintage sheets, but when I go to the thrift store I forget all about looking for them!

  • Rachel

    Some other ideas: tents, canopies, table cloths, cut for table napkins, picnic blankets in the yard, curtains to hide cluttery storage areas, or divide a room, window dressing, wrapping for huge gifts (draped one around a bicycle for my son’s third b-day), seat covers in the car on muddy dog/kid days…
    love the parachute idea, will hit up the thrift stores for some bright ones!


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