Know Me

Saw this over at luvinthemommyhood and just couldn’t resist…

Making : due without my computer, extra time to clean the house
Cooking : stir fry

Drinking : water, my preferred beverage anytime

Reading : magazines… love, love, love them

Wanting : a vacation, not visiting family or friends, just go somewhere fun with Nathan and the kids

Looking : forward to do another yard sale to get rid of my junk

Playing : princess with kaye, it’s the only thing she’ll play

Wasting : my cell minutes

Sewing : ribbons on towels for my mom

Wishing : my little brother luck as he heads off to college

Enjoying : the fall weather

Waiting : for the holidays, I love that time of the year
Liking : Banana Republic’s new fall line… I have loved BR since high school, classy and elegant

Wondering : what to get my parents and Nathan’s parents for Christmas, yes, it’s already on my mind

Loving : my life

Hoping : for Elle to break her 6 a.m. routine wake
Marveling : at how quickly Elle learned to crawl and pull up on furniture. She’s 7 months! Stop trying to grow up so quickly, please?
Needing : a piece of cheese

Smelling : burnt toaster strudel… thanks, Nathan

Wearing : a pair of pants I had from college, haven’t worn them in over three years

Following : college football diligently

Noticing : my to do list is self multiplying

Learning : how to take better photos

Thinking : of how I can get more readers to my site

Bookmarking : crazy amount of tutorials that I have to try
Opening : bins of baby clothes
Giggling : at Kaye making Elle laugh by rambling nonsense
Feeling : positive

Now it’s your turn. Leave me a comment with a link to your site if you do this so I can get to know you.

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