Shirt Dress Take 2

orange necklace

It’s been a while since I repurposed the shirt dresses for Kaye and Elle. Well, the other day I was inspired by Lindsay at Liliash to do a second version of the dress shirt. I just freehand this one so there were a couple mistakes, but still wearable. I got the shirt at a thrift store for $1.50 and I wasn’t too keen on the pattern. However, Kaye will only wear pink. As she watched me make the dress, she commented with, “Mom, that dress is beautiful.” I’m glad she was able to overlook my mistakes. If you made something inspired by Simply Modern Mom, please upload pictures of it in our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. You may be featured on Simply Modern Mom.

Sorry this picture is so horrible, but it makes the dress look so much better, huh?
Mistake #1: Putting the pleats between buttons.

pink and green

dress back

5 Responses to “Shirt Dress Take 2”

  • Wendy

    I really think these are so cute! And I love how this one has a tie in the back. How much would you charge to make these?

  • Atticmag

    Wandered over from The Inspired Room and found this post browsing your blog for the first time. Absolutely the cutest idea (and model) I’ve seen 🙂 I agree with Emily’s comment asking how much you would charge to make one…you should be selling these! Jane T.

  • Janet Williams

    So cute!!!!! What pattern did you use for the armholes and sleeves–I guess any patteren the right size would work–?


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