BTB Tip #8: I.C.E.

Back to basics tip #8: In case of emergency (I.C.E.) are ways for professional help (police, firemen) to find information about you in situations where you unable to communicate with them. The first place emergency response members look for information about you is the wallet. Second, your cell phone. So write or print on a little index card your I.C.E. information for your own safety. I did this when Kaye was first born. I made I.C.E. cards, even for the kids, with the following information and slipped it in our wallets.

  1. Full name.
  2. Address and phone number.
  3. Birthday, including year so they can determine your age.
  4. Who to contact in case of emergency, preferably 2 people, a spouse or parent and someone not in the same household.
  5. Blood type, in case you are in need of blood in an accident or something.
  6. Insurance information. I would be nice to have your insurance card in the wallet too.
  7. Any medications or vitamins you are taking.
  8. Allergies.
  9. Family doctor’s name and phone number.
  10. Any health conditions (diabetic, anemic, and so forth).
  11. A profile picture of the person would be helpful too, especially for the children so they can identify who they are treating.

You can also go to to get as many free tri-fold Child ID kits as you need. It saves your child’s emergency information, including fingerprints.

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