Friday’s 5 at 5: Non-Traditional Halloween Treats


I am probably the neighborhood mom that all the kids complain about. I don’t hand out candy. I figured they get enough candies from all the other homes. At least I’m not as bad as my neighbor Mike who makes children do push ups for candy. He’s a personal fitness trainer. He would probably hand out protein bars if it were safe for babies.

bubbles & dough

Moving on. Other than candy…

  1. Glow sticks. It has yet to fail me year after year. The kids love them. I get the bracelet ones with the connectors so it can also be a necklace if they had two.
  2. Play-dough. You can find them with the candy stuff in big super stores such as Target or Wal-Mart.
  3. Bouncy balls. Or other party gift bag toys found at party stores.
  4. Bubbles. The small bottles found in party stores.
  5. Pretzels or crackers. Individually pre-packaged of course. Nothing homemade.

I have also seen people who attached their business cards to whatever it is they are handing out the kids. I guess that is one way to advertise.

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  • Kim

    I love when my kids get something other than candy, and so do they. Especially since I have 1 with a nut allergy which rules out a lot of candy.


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