Entertaining the Children

{image by Parents Magazine}
{image by Parents Magazine}

If you are hosting a party or the actual holiday itself, one of your sanity savers this holiday season will be keeping the kids busy. Sending them outside won’t always work. Here are some children’s craft and game ideas to keep them entertained on their own. Or designate another adult or a teenager to supervise. And don’t forget about the Thanksgiving garland.

  1. Prop improv. Gather random things around the house and the kids have to improv a scene with that prop.
  2. Sock puppet show. Collect old socks, provide decorations, and have the children make sock puppets. Then have them do a show for everyone.
  3. Magic tricks. Look up some simple magic tricks online and have the kids learn a few.
  4. Entertaining kids’ table. Cover the table with butcher paper and have a cup of crayons or markers for the kids to doodle while eating. Let them design their own placemats with pre-cut paper shapes or foam shapes.
  5. Yarn necklaces. These never get old as long as you supply them with edible beads such as Fruit Loops and LifeSavers.
  6. Fake mustaches. Have them make fake mustaches on a stick. Then take a picture of each child with his/her mustache to take home as a souvenir or mailed later as a thank you card.
  7. Fingerprint tree. Draw a tree with only the trunk and branches. Or use brown yarn and glue on paper. Then have the children fill the tree with leaves made by their finger prints. Use water based paints that will be easy to wash off such as tempera paint.
  8. Pumpkin bowling. This will have to be done outside. Use uncut leftover Halloween pumpkins as the bowling ball and empty liter soda bottles as the pins.
  9. Gratitude pie spinner. It is pictured above from Parents Magazine. Go to link for a how to.
  10. Mayflower place cards. It is picture below, also from Parents Magazine. Go to link for a how to.
{image by Parents Magazine}
{image by Parents Magazine}

5 Responses to “Entertaining the Children”

  • thetallgrl

    When doing finger painting like the tree suggestion, add a little liquid dish or hand soap to the paint and mix it in well. This makes it easier to wash off and it still dries as usual. Just a tip I learned while working at a preschool!

  • DairyQueen

    great stuff! we’ll be using some of these ideas i’m sure! We will have 6 kids, with the oldest having just turned 5 and the youngest almost 2 – should be interesting!

    • Tiffany

      That will be interesting. Hope some of these ideas work for you. I also put a tutorial for making paper snowflakes that may help entertain the kids too. They are super easy to make.

  • Ginger

    Thank you for this wonderful list of ideas! I’m always looking for fun seasonal activities for the kiddos!


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