Guest Friendly Rooms

{image by Country Living}
{image by Country Living}

If you have guests arriving this holiday season, give the guest room a little more luxury feel by providing…

  1. Luggage rack. If you don’t have one, it is nice to have a place for them to put their luggage, even if it is a short stool or ottoman.
  2. Light reading material. Pull some books from your library or even borrow some from the public library or magazines. Place it on the nightstand with a note, “Thought you might enjoy a good read.”
  3. Extra towels. Fresh towels in the bathroom, but also provide a set of extra towels in the bedroom.
  4. Toiletries. Although most guests bring their own toiletries, it is nice to have some extra in case they forgot something like a blowdryer.
  5. Places to visit. Provide your address and a list of local shops, markets, and events you think your guest may enjoy during their stay.
  6. Sheet spray. Provide a relaxing scent by spritzing lavender sheet spray on the linen.
  7. Alarm clock. Don’t want to miss a flight or an appointment.
  8. Water and glass. A small glass pitcher or carafe is great so the guest won’t have to go in the kitchen for a quick drink.
  9. Stationary. Even postcards are nice to have around for them to send letters home.
  10. Mirrors. Preferably a full length one.

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