Holiday De-stressing Tips

{image by Country Living}
{image by Country Living}

Take that tensity level down a notch this holiday season with these 10 tips…

  1. Gather ideas. Look in magazines, search online, talk to friends. Find ideas and put them in a folder for referencing. Better yet, add to the folder all year long so you are ready when the holidays arrive,
  2. Recruit help. Regardless of what you think, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Get the family to pitch in and help with cleaning, decorating, shopping, gathering ideas, whatever you can think of to delegate to others. Hire help if needed.
  3. Purchase gifts in bulk. Only the gifts for everyone else – your neighbor, PTA moms, mailman, hair stylist, kids’ teachers. A general gift that will cover them all such as stationary or your favorite gourmet food ingredient.
  4. Order what you can online. Skip the hassle of waiting in lines, especially at the post office. Check for free shipping codes or deals.
  5. Stick to what you do best. Keep it doable for your lifestyle. If you are best at doing the main course but not the dessert, then make the main course and purchase the dessert. Or ask others to bring their favorite desserts.
  6. Make a time chart. If you are doing all the food, you will have to plan ahead to know when to cook what at what temperature to keep all the food warm.
  7. Gather supplies early. Make sure you have the necessities on hand. Grab all the canned and dried stuff early. If you have guests staying in your home, stock up on extra toiletries.
  8. Plan entertainment for the kids. It will keep them out of trouble and out of your hair.
  9. Reserve appointments early. Weekends in November and December gets booked up fast. If you are planning a party, reserve those dates with your friends and family early. And don’t forget about your hair, nail, and massage appointments.
  10. Let it go. Most likely, everything will not go as planned. So just let things be and enjoy the moment.

What are some of  your holiday de-stressing tips?

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