Kaye’s Sketchbook Caddy

sketchbook caddy inside

I have been lucky in the sense that Kaye’s Christmas wishlist to Santa has been pretty simple the last two years. Last year, she wanted a candy cane. That’s it. I got her the biggest candy cane I could find. This year, the list got longer. A horn (the musical instrument kind, not the rhino kind), paper, pencils and a book. Easy enough, except the horn.

And because I can’t just wrap a ream of paper and a couple pencils and toss it under the tree, I came up with a sketchbook caddy for Kaye. You see, we’ve been having a little problem with Kaye and her drawings. She sees me with my sketchbook and is motivated to draw, too. I love that she is creative like me. However, the problem has been she takes the crayons, pens and markers then draws on our hearth, dressers, bookshelves and my office desk. Not ideal for the resale value of our house if we ever move. I’ve been trying to drill in her that we only draw on paper. Nothing else. Hopefully this will take care of the problem.

I drafted the caddy idea in a day, then finished it the next day. And I had all the supplies at home, just needed the sketchpad and markers. If you made something inspired by Simply Modern Mom, please upload pictures of it in our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. You may be featured on Simply Modern Mom. What do you think? And anyone out there with an idea of how to get blue crayons out of a slab of marble?

sketchbook caddy cover

sketchbook caddy markers

44 Responses to “Kaye’s Sketchbook Caddy”

  • Julie

    this year all my son asked for was a candy cane. haha. i thought he was the only kid in the world…love it. but this sketch book is super cute! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Sandy

    That’s a great idea for Kaye for Christmas. I’ve used Sani-foam (bathroom cleaner) on kool-aid stains on formica but I don’t know about marble. Maybe someone knows of a marble cleaner. Happy cleaning.

  • Jennifer Elton

    I am in love with this. So perfect for my daughter who draws constantly. Please do a tutorial?

  • Tiffany

    wow, thanks for all your wonderful comments! I’ll think about doing a tutorial or something for it. Maybe after the holidays.

  • Chacoy

    Way Cute! Where’s the tute? Did you try a magic eraser, or coloring the whole slab of marble blue? J/K Good luck with that:{

  • fitty

    wow.. great project and turn out so pretty.. job all done!

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

  • cindy~my romantic home

    That is a great project!! Those magic eraser sponges seem to work on everything! I’m not sure if they can be used on marble though. I even used one on my car to remove yellow paint left from a pole I scraped against and it worked great!

    • Tiffany

      yes, that’s what i am afraid of with the magic eraser on marble. i don’t want to bleach the marble. i’ll add that to my list of possible solutions, though. thanks!

  • Tami

    Please, please, please say you are going to make a pattern for this caddy. Please?

    • Tiffany

      i’ll have to think about that. i was in such a rush to finish this up before christmas that i didn’t take step-by-step photos. i’ll have to make another one. it’s pretty simple now that i have the patterns and know the steps.

  • Vaueli

    Tiffany!!! I love this. Please, please do a tutorial! 🙂 You are so dang talented.

  • Sav OG

    YES—please do a tutorial! BEAUTIFUL! So sorry there is blue marker/crayon on your marble!

    ps…love that you drafted this out and made it the next day–I try and follow a pattern…can’t finish it for a week! Either way–I still would love to see your tutorial!!

  • Janelle

    Just discovered your blog today and have been browsing through some of your projects. Wanted to cast my vote for you to do a tutorial.. would love to make one for my niece for Christmas! Bookmarking your site now- thanks for all the fun ideas!

  • Danielle

    is there a tutorial for this and I am not finding it?? It is precious!!!

    • Tiffany

      no, no tutorial for this. maybe if i get around to making it again then i can remember to take pictures. 🙂

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