Our Christmas 2009

Overall our Christmas we a delight. It was a surprisingly relaxing Christmas. We weren’t able to make it out to Washington (state) to visit my husband’s family. Rather, we spent Christmas with my family here in the South where it was rainy and windy. All went well with the exception of all of us getting a little cold. But our poor little Elle had ear infects the night before Christmas. Our pediatrician’s office was closed over the holiday and weekend. The pediatric urgent care had a wait of over 4 hours. So she suffered through until Monday morning when I could finally get her to a doctor.

Christmas Eve, Santa made an appearance at our home. We must have been good this year.

christmas eve

stockings filled

Christmas morning the gift opening began around 8:30 for us. Not too bad. The gift opening took quite a while because the kids wanted to play with each new toy as soon as it is opened.

The sketchbook caddy was a hit. She almost forgot about her other presents.

k gift
Kaye wrapped some of Elle’s toys in tape and construction paper as my Christmas gift. She was so excited. I loved every bit of it.

royal coach
Kaye’s royal coach from Santa.

elle gift
Elle looked and felt the worst on Christmas Day. But she was such a trooper making it to all the family gatherings.

This and another princess dress up clothes was the cause of all the glitter in the house. It’s on every one of us, all the furniture, carpets, floors, toys and everything else in the house.

Nathan got me a charm gold necklace. Love it!

I got him a fire pit. This one fit better in our backyard. It was too big to wrap without him noticing. So I hid it in the trunk of his car.

We had such a memorable Christmas. Hope your family did too. If you have a post on your blog of your Christmas, leave a link in the comments. I would love to see how your Christmas went.

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