Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

This is now my favorite room in the house… and currently the only clean room in the house. The makeover for our bedroom began in October when I won the gift card to HomeGoods from The Inspired Room. Since then it has been a journey. One that I could see never ending if I didn’t commit to a deadline. And today is it.

Nathan and I talked about what we wanted for this room, our room… tranquility, relaxation and peace. We wanted a room inspired by nature and the color white. When we shopped at HomeGoods, we were drawn to all the white decorations in the store. We purchased beautiful decorations for the room using the $200 gift card. We also bought a drapery rod on Black Friday. Then I made simple drapes, actually two set of drapes. The first set were too cream colored for me. Those will be going in another room. And we painted the room a grayish blue color called Polaris. I am in love with this color. Everything else is accented with white and nickel colored metal. If you made something inspired by Simply Modern Mom, please upload pictures of it in our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. You may be featured on Simply Modern Mom.

Here we go with the before (and more before info here) and the after pictures…

So, what do you think? I love it. Other things we’ve done to the room… First, the craft supplies from the cubed bookshelf are now in my newly finagled craft closet downstairs. I needed a place where ALL my craft stuff can call home rather than some here some there throughout our house.

Second, the ugly covered green couch has relocated to the children playroom. That’s something they can spill on and jump on without me worrying about it.

Third, still no bed frame or headboard. But I concocted a simple solution using thrift store frames, ribbons and door knobs. Tutorial for this coming tomorrow.

Forth, at the last minute (as in last Thursday), I came up with an idea to paint a tree on canvas for one of the large empty walls in the room. I have an obsession for trees. Nothing more beautiful in nature than trees. I finished the canvas painting right before the photo shoot with only one layer of sealant. I will be finishing it up this weekend. But it did make it in the shoot. More on this tree canvas in a later post.

Fifth, my parents gave me the wall shelves that I asked Santa for this Christmas. Then we purchased a couple corner shelves. It worked out perfectly. Nathan also sanded the square framed mirrors and spray painted them white.

Sixth, we moved the cubed shelf to the end of our bed and filled with with white colored spine books. Minor details.

And lastly, the filing cabinet moved into our closet and replaced with this table purchased from HomeGoods.

That’s it. That’s the tour of our new room. Any suggestions?

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  • Nate

    I love it. It was worth the effort. I can think of a few improvements but I’m enjoying it as is for now.

  • Stephanie B

    It is so peaceful and calm looking. What brand of paint is that color found in, I love the color!

  • Violet@CreateBeauty

    Wow, that blue is so pretty! (I found you on The Inspired Room blog) What a beautiful change, you must love walking into that room! I love blue and white. It is so refreshing, calm, and clean. ~ Violet

  • Tiffany

    Thanks for all your comments, questions and suggestions! I love reading them all. I am thinking of doing a Q&A later this week to answer all your questions, so please keep them coming.

  • Katherine

    The room looks beautiful! Peaceful, calming. I am expecting and would LOVE to know where you found the amazing tree canvas art in your bedroom…would look so great in a nursery!!

    • Melissa

      It says in the blog that she painted it herself!

  • Melissa

    Wow I cannot believe this is the same room! It is so lovely and serene!! Great job! So many changes and ideas here…. Thankyou for sharing it with us!!

  • Joan @ HG Openhouse

    Beautiful Job — did you figure out how much you spent? Love your soft colors and especially the small details (like white spined books). Can’t wait to see what you do for your craft space!

  • Jen

    Really beautiful! I love the paint color with all of the white. Very soothing and relaxing. Great job!

  • Holly

    This is just so beautiful, calming, relaxing…everything a bedroom should be! Love the color. I know it’s not new, but I like your comforter a lot too. I love the breezy curtains, and the tree is so cool. Great job!
    I hesitate to offer suggestions because I don’t really “know” you, but you asked, so I’ll assume you really want them! There’s a couple of minor things I might tweak: to lower the frames that are over the bed, especially since they are kind of standing in for a headboard at the moment. I love that you used thrift store frames; that’s right up my alley 🙂
    And then maybe a white or taupe (to match the comforter) bedskirt, and some throw pillows on the bed when you can.
    Came over from The Inspired Room…glad I did 🙂

  • Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia}

    Tiffany, this is SO beautiful! I love the simple, open and airy feeling of the room. You did an amazing job!! 🙂

    As I was seeing your room, it kind of reminded me of what I was going for when my sister and I redid our room back in October; I really wanted to keep an open {uncluttered} feel, and it ended up being very light and airy at the same time. It’s different from yours (more color range), but I love it! You can see pictures here:


    It looks great…. You did a great job…That room has a totally different feel than before… I also posted my bedroom makeover today…We have totally different styles, but we both have some blue. I would love for you to come check mine out…

  • Deb @ HG Openhouse

    I love it!! It is soothing exactly the way a bedroom should be. Nice work!!!!

  • Helen

    I love the paint color, who is it made by? Great job, I’m going to grab a couple of these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sandy

    Fabulous. I love the walls and the bookshelf at the end of the bed. You were very creative with your tree paintings. Congratulations on a wonderful, serene room.

  • Hallie

    I’m visiting from The Inspired Room and I have to say your room is beautiful. I do have to say that I agree with Holly. I would lower the frames since they are standing in for the headboard. But it really is gorgeous. You’ve inspired me to get my room in shape. Thanks for the inspiration.


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