Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

This is now my favorite room in the house… and currently the only clean room in the house. The makeover for our bedroom began in October when I won the gift card to HomeGoods from The Inspired Room. Since then it has been a journey. One that I could see never ending if I didn’t commit to a deadline. And today is it.

Nathan and I talked about what we wanted for this room, our room… tranquility, relaxation and peace. We wanted a room inspired by nature and the color white. When we shopped at HomeGoods, we were drawn to all the white decorations in the store. We purchased beautiful decorations for the room using the $200 gift card. We also bought a drapery rod on Black Friday. Then I made simple drapes, actually two set of drapes. The first set were too cream colored for me. Those will be going in another room. And we painted the room a grayish blue color called Polaris. I am in love with this color. Everything else is accented with white and nickel colored metal. If you made something inspired by Simply Modern Mom, please upload pictures of it in our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. You may be featured on Simply Modern Mom.

Here we go with the before (and more before info here) and the after pictures…

So, what do you think? I love it. Other things we’ve done to the room… First, the craft supplies from the cubed bookshelf are now in my newly finagled craft closet downstairs. I needed a place where ALL my craft stuff can call home rather than some here some there throughout our house.

Second, the ugly covered green couch has relocated to the children playroom. That’s something they can spill on and jump on without me worrying about it.

Third, still no bed frame or headboard. But I concocted a simple solution using thrift store frames, ribbons and door knobs. Tutorial for this coming tomorrow.

Forth, at the last minute (as in last Thursday), I came up with an idea to paint a tree on canvas for one of the large empty walls in the room. I have an obsession for trees. Nothing more beautiful in nature than trees. I finished the canvas painting right before the photo shoot with only one layer of sealant. I will be finishing it up this weekend. But it did make it in the shoot. More on this tree canvas in a later post.

Fifth, my parents gave me the wall shelves that I asked Santa for this Christmas. Then we purchased a couple corner shelves. It worked out perfectly. Nathan also sanded the square framed mirrors and spray painted them white.

Sixth, we moved the cubed shelf to the end of our bed and filled with with white colored spine books. Minor details.

And lastly, the filing cabinet moved into our closet and replaced with this table purchased from HomeGoods.

That’s it. That’s the tour of our new room. Any suggestions?

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  • Mary

    Wow- great job! Amazing what a 200 gift certificate can do to help inspire you! I bet that was so much fun!

  • Elizabeth @ blue clear sky

    Hi, stopping by from TheInspiredRoom. You’ve done a wonderful job. I love all the white and the wall colour is very pretty. The table you bought with the gift card is a great piece. You will be able to use it many places ih the future. Your trees are so fresh and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  • teresa

    Love the sweet soft colors- and the empty frames hanging on the wall- perfect. Thanks for sharing- I really thing your room turned out just right. I’m working on my master bedroom right now…and you have given me some ideas.
    Thanks- Have a wonderful day

  • Char

    very serene & calming! I think my very favorite thing besides the whole “feeling” of serenity are the tree paintings! I can’t wait to see more on that, I love it!

  • LaPriel

    I love the tree pictures! They give a nice pop of color without ruining the calmness of the room. The paint color is great.
    I agree with Mary, the bed skirt needs to be a different color – something calmer.
    I’m wondering if one small item similar in color and texture to the fruit in the bowl on the table would be good on the top shelf by the bathroom. Maybe another smaller natural piece on the shelf below also. I am thinking this would help move the eye from shelf to shelf and then down to the beautiful arrangement on the floor. A chunk of soft rose quartz or amethyst would be pretty. Just a little bit of subtle color.
    Nicely done!

  • Jaimie

    I’m OBSESSED! The room is gorgeous! I am loving those paintings above the dresser- quite the inspiration there! : )

  • Ang

    I was directed here from the Inspired Room. I love your makeover, but I’m especially in love with your trees!! I would love to know how you did them!

  • Rosa

    Inspiring! I love it. The only suggestion is a seating area with two chairs and a small round table by the window. It looks a bit incomplete and you need seating other than your bed. The room is big enough to handle it. Congrats.

  • Janine

    What a gorgeous makeover – so peaceful and serene! Well done!!! That inspires me to sort my room out 😉

  • Crafty Rose

    you did an amazingly good job on a 200$ budget.
    wonder what’s going to go into those open frames….
    it begs for …. tree twigs?? with photo leaves???

  • Paula

    I’m visiting from the Inspired Room: you did a great job with the makeover!! And I LOVE your tree!! 🙂

  • Carolyn

    It’s amazing! So beautiful & tranquil. I love the color. Definitely the perfect room for a “stay home date night”!

  • Laura

    What a beautifully calm space… and I’m so impressed that you did it all for $200! I especially love the tree art you did and *hope* that you might consider switching the tree art with the open frames… It is so eye catching that my personal opinion is that it should be over the bed. The shelves seem a bit high, but then again I’m on the short side myself! Check out nyclq “A Few Favorite Things” at ratemyspace on for some great ideas for layering shelf displays.
    I love the serenity of your room… well done!!

  • Laura

    one more suggestion… it would be wonderful to add a couple of chairs in front of those gorgeous windows… perhaps wicker? and place that little table from behind the door in between. You’ve done such a nice job staging the table, it would be nice to see it in that setting…


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