My Bullet List on The Mother Huddle

I couldn’t believe Destri of The Mother Huddle invited me to guest blog for their Bullet List. I mean, it seemed like it was a thing for the elite. Only amazing bloggers and designers have gone before me doing the Bullet List. So, WOW!

Destri asked me to write a list of at-home date ideas. Of course! I was all over the opportunity to make another list. You know how I’m an avid list maker. It was nice to come up with ideas that I could use throughout the remainder of the year for our Project 52: Date Nights. Therefore, I highly suggest going over to The Mother Huddle for my list of 16 at-home dates. That’s enough dates to last you 4 months.

Thanks, Destri for giving me the honor of being on The Mother Huddle!

3 Responses to “My Bullet List on The Mother Huddle”

  • Destri

    Oh your sweet, the pleasure was mine! And those mail boxes!!!! How cute are those….have to add them to my roundup!

  • Line

    Cool! I especially like the turning your story of meeting/courting into a children’s book for the kids. I think I really will do that! 🙂


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