Project 52: Belated Valentine & Yahtzee

This week’s date was split into two parts. Since we were snowed in last weekend (Valentine’s Day weekend) we celebrated V-day on Monday. We went back to our original Valentine’s date plan of going out to eat and having my parents babysit. Yes, it’s nice having my parents nearby. Lesson #1: Better late than never, right?

For our night out, we ate at Red Lobster. Courtesy of Nathan’s sister who sent us gift cards to Red Lobster for Christmas. I can have seafood all day, even if it’s Red Lobster. I spent most of my childhood on islands that had fresh seafood available. Then walked around Target and Kohl’s. Got home in time to put the kiddos to bed. Lesson #2: Even though Nathan dreads retail stores, he was willing to go with me. That’s love.

Then Friday rolled around, we were in the routine of doing date nights on Fridays that we spent some time playing a few games of Yahtzee after the girls went to bed. I won. Then he won. We called it good. Lesson #3: Now that we are week 8 of 52 of Project 52: Date Nights, it is becoming a habit. Yay!

Nathan said: The Valentine’s Day dinner was a nice break from the stay-at-home dates. It was refreshing to get out of the house without the kids and go to dinner on our own schedule. I’m thankful the V-day date counted as a date because thinking and planning dates is more work than I expected. Game night was fun and I was amazed at how many games of Yahtzee we’ve played over the years. At least a hundred games!

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8 Responses to “Project 52: Belated Valentine & Yahtzee”

  • Mande

    That’s cool. Yahtzee is a game that would be easy enough to play with my husband. I might have to get myself one.
    Unfortunately, our dates have NOT become a habit – rather the opposite would be true. He has requested we skip for 2 weekends in a row, and he complained of feeling “pressured” when I asked about it. He chose a date idea from our date box (that I made for our early V-day date) but he didn’t like the idea so rather than think of something else, he chose to skip it this weekend. He also says he’s not feeling well lately. It all adds up to one big challenge for me. I am not sure what to do about it yet.

    • Tiffany

      that would be a frustrating situation, mande. what if you started with simple dates doing things that your husband likes doing? what are his hobbies and interests? it’s mostly a matter of spending time together without the kids. and see how that works first.

  • overtiredmum

    Dinner and shopping sounds heaven – although I would have got home late so the kids were in bed (that really is a rare treat for us!).

    I’m thinking that the date night might turn into a habbit – we’re definitely looking forward to them. When friends turned by surprise on Saturday night – I got all in a panic, not because I had to feed them but when were we going to have OUR night?!

    have a good week xo

  • Ginny Williams

    I love how ours has become “habit” as well. My boyfriend now will ask as soon as Monday… we have a date on Saturday right? its cute.
    I find myself excited for Tuesday so that I can post and share how awesome my guy is with the rest of those doing the 52 Dates.
    Thanks for getting this started.

  • Destri

    So I know the idea is to do dates at home, but oh ladies, if you live near a ski resort with night skiing it is a must for a date night! Me and the hubbs just went on Friday night and it was one of the most romantic things ever. It was barely snowing when we arrived and then slowly the clouds cleared leaving the stars peeking through. You ride the lift up and it is so serene. Then we went and got hot chocolate and sat around the fire they had going outside….ooohhh it was a favorite of mine. We live in Utah and went to Sundance. Bonus is that it is only $20 to go night skiing versus $78!
    Kids are sick this week so we might have to do a Yahtzee night!

  • Glenyce

    Going out for tea – what a divine idea. We wouldn’t be able to do it, but I hope we can manage an afternoon tea date some time. (Much easier to get babysitting at that time.) My husband and I have never really played games so it amazes me that everyone seems to be using this as a date. I must do some research and see if I can find something easy for us to try out.
    I would also like to say that its great to read what everyone is doing. It’s hard to get around to visit everyone’s blog and comment though. Particularly the last couple of weeks. But I have managed to look at a few. It is great to see.


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