Friday’s 5 at 5: Easter Basket Fillers

When I pass the pre-packaged Easter baskets in the stores I cringe a little. Do you feel like they are a bit too much? Call me old fashion. Call me cheap. But back in the days when I was a child, Easter was more about the egg hunts and crafts. OK, not forgetting the true meaning of Easter where we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. My parents didn’t shower me with gifts like it was Christmas morning. So toning down and simplifying Easter for my kids, here are some ideas of what to fill their Easter baskets with Easter Sunday morning…

  1. Children’s books. Books are one thing that I don’t mind my children having too many of because I believe in literacy. This can be a great time to introduce them to books about Easter.
  2. A movie. I scored a deal on Disney’s Snow White when it re-released at the end of last year. Got it for $4, DVD and Blu-Ray. I was going to give it to Kaye for Christmas, but decided she had too many gifts for Christmas. So I saved it for a later occasion, like Easter.
  3. A game. There are some great deals on children’s board games and family games. A popular game at our house right now is Scoop. I found it at our local Hallmark store. Kaye loves ice cream and it is simple enough for her to understand.
  4. Summer toys. Prep them for summer outdoor fun with a kite, sidewalk chalk or a bubble machine. It’ll also encourage them to be outdoors.
  5. Gardening supplies. Celebrate life by planting a seed. Visit your local home improvement stores for a indoor mini greenhouse that starts the herbs and vegetables. If you have a black thumb like me, some brands even guarantee growth.

» Tell me… What do you put in your Easter baskets? And don’t forget about the tutorial for dying the decorating Easter eggs.

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  • Lisa S

    growing up we alway got a beachpail and shovel.. not only was it practical ( we used it to hold our eggs) but reminded us all that we would soon be at the beach!!

  • Jesslyn

    In keeping with my childhood – we always put a squirt gun in! Growing up in AZ we always got to use them right away. Being in UT right now, it’s a bit of a wait. Books, a few treats, and a new outfit.

  • Glenyce

    I made some little felt baskets for the girls this year. I will probably put in some bubbles, books, Easter stickes and chocolate eggs.

  • Line

    Books and candy are pretty consistent in the Easter baskets I’ve put together for my son. I also add one or two dollar store toys that I know he’ll like–like a small airplane or truck.

  • Julie

    We do mostly the same things as you describe. I always buy a outdoor spring item. Last year I put sidewalk chalk, bubbles in their baskets. They are only ages 3 and 4, so we haven’t been doing this for long. I think I am going to add spring/summer pj’s this year in their baskets and my daughter has been wanting a Princess umbrella, so I got one for her and a Disney Cars umbrella for my son. I also cringe when thinking about loading them up on candy… I got lot so fruit snacks and individual wrapped animal crackers to go in there. For some “candy”, I will have some chocolate covered raisins and yogart covered raisins. Stickers are also a favorite. And, seeing my sister is a dentist, she always gives us toothbrushes! I love the $1 stuff at Target and Dollar Tree.

  • Jade @ No Longer 25

    We get an Easter Egg at Easter, sometimes the ones that come with the matching cup, but that’s all. It’s not really a big present giving day here, it’s more about getting together with family for a meal and to celebrate. I find it quite sad the way so many simple holidays get blown out of proportion and so commercial, I hope when I have kids that I’ll be able to focus more on family and just have a small token egg – I love your idea of a scavenger hunt / treasure trail to find the egg.


    Bubbles,sidewalk chalk, forget me not or morning glory seeds, socks, pencils, stickers, spring pj’s, beach towel, goggles….
    My kids are older now and they each got a charm for their Chamilia bracelets, nail polish, hair do-dads, school supplies and a few Easter related items.

    • Tiffany

      those are all great ideas! thanks for sharing them with me. i’ll have to remember them for next year.

  • Cecilia

    How did I miss this post??? 🙂

    The pre-made baskets also make me cringe, and I also hate the candy overload that my parents expose the kids to… I fill their baskets the same way as I do their Christmas stocking, so there might be hair accessories and Chapstick for my daughter, matchbox cars for my son, toothbrushes and other toiletry items, coloring books and art supplies, stickers, reading books. For Easter they each get a bathing suit, a new pair of sandals, and a single, large chocolate Easter egg, as I used to get when I lived in Brazil as a little girl. It also might include other spring/summer items that they would have gotten anyway, such as water guns, kite, sidewalk chalk and bubbles… This year my almost 4yo daughter will be ready for a deck of memory cards (or old maids, or go fish) and a letter/number tracing activity book that we’re taking on our trip to Portugal 🙂

  • Cyndi Bird

    One thing I loved-our neighborhood did an Easter Egg Hunt together in the orchard behind our home the day before Easter…fun memories and some years the orchard was in full bloom and so beautiful. I can still picture all those children running through those trees & blossoms. We also started having our kids do their easter ‘basket’ on Saturday, which worked out great-they could fly their kites, play with their toys & eat their eggs & treats with abandon. 🙂 It was more of a ‘spring’ celebration-we even got baby chicks, ducks and bunnies several times! 🙂 Then on Sunday we felt we could focus our celebration of Easter with our church attendance, the Easter story, a nice dinner, a family walk, etc. In our kids baskets (or whatever we used), we put a little candy, but mostly springtime toys like bubbles or sidewalk chaulk…seemed like silly putty was always a hit too. (Also those little rubbery things that you put in water & they blow up huge…yep. Boys love those.) Books, coloring books, garden gloves, water color paints, sun visors, sunglasses, water bottles, etc. We did just about everything. 🙂
    When our boys were little we put their things in colorful plastic pails-which they loved for the sandbox or beach. One year I put our girls things in an ‘Easter’ hat, which was fun. And they served 2 purposes-an inexpensive new toy/hat plus their basket!
    We also did kites and had a great time flying those together…and detangling them from trees! 🙂 One year when they were teenagers, we all got a perennial flower to plant-it is still so fun to go out and see them in different parts of the yard~
    Wow, did I go down memory lane or what? (ha!)…thanks for reminding me of those wonderful years! Have glorious fun with your own kiddos! Precious times. Hmmm…maybe I will make a basket for myself & Randy this year…with a kite and perennials. 🙂

  • Karen

    Since my mother is a dollar store addict and buys little trinkets for my kids every time she comes over (thoughtful, but just because it’s $1, doesn’t mean we need it!), I’m trying to limit the junk in my house…bubbles, flip flops, and jelly beans is all they’re getting this year!


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