Project 52: Date Nights Made Famous

That’s right you participants of Project 52: Date Nights. You’re famous now. Remember a few weeks ago I talked about having a phone interview on TV with KSL Studio 5? They are a lifestyle TV show in Utah. Anyway, they were kind enough to send me a DVD of the show and gave me permission to post it on SMM. Many of you weren’t able to watch it since you are not in Utah, myself included. And many of you have been asking for a clip of the interview. So here it is. Boy, was I glad that it was just a phone interview. You only have to listen to how nervous I was and not have to watch it. This is exactly why I never went into broadcast journalism. I am not cut out for TV. And don’t worry, it’s just a 4 minute video. Thanks KSL Studio 5 for having me and allowing me to share Project 52: Date Nights with your viewers.

I also wanted to thank a few bloggers who recently featured Simply Modern Mom on their sites such as Baby Cheapskate, Craft Gossip, U CreateMod Podge Rocks and Ohdeedoh here and here. Then yesterday I guest blogged at Create Studio.

But most of all, I just cannot express in words how grateful I am for my readers and followers. Thank you for all your emails. Thank you for sending me pictures of things you have made from my tutorials and things inspired by something on SMM. Thank you for your questions, comments and words of encouragement. And thank you for telling your friends and family about SMM. I really do believe I have the best readers in blogland. I love that you share your ideas and tips. This is exactly what I wanted… an active community of modern moms. We have so much to learn from each other.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

» Tell me… Have you been on TV before? What was your experience like?

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  • Sarah

    Oh, wow, Tiff! This is huge. Congrats! I thought you did fabulous. I would have been totally nervous too. We haven’t committed to Project 52 yet, but this has really gotten me excited about it. Thanks for all you do!

  • Jaimie

    aww that’s super awesome tiff! : ) eric and i STILL have not implemented date night, but i think we should. i’m going to recommend it today.

  • Lindsey Pfeil

    That’s where I learned about Project 52! That’s awesome. I’ve never been on tv before but my email was. In the month of January Studio 5’s theme was “Find a hobby.” I started a hobby in the middle of January of running. Although I’ve never been a runner and am learning to like it, it’s becoming a hobby of mine. I shared that with studio 5 and was pleasantly surprised when it was on their show-with my name and everything ;).

  • Sarah

    Hey, I thought of a fun date night that I want to do soon: A tasting contest. One person is blindfolded while the other person feeds them things from the fridge or cupboard (hopefully not too gross!). The taster has to guess what the food is. Then they swap. Whoever gets the most right, wins! Doesn’t this sound fun?! (I got the idea from Hell’s Kitchen…)

  • Claire

    What a great interview! I thought you sounded awesome.

    I was on Oprah once for about 30 seconds. I was a mess. There was a planned question to me from Oprah. I used the word horrible about 25 times in 3 sentences. To this day, my friends mock me with the word horrible!

  • Ginny Williams

    How exciting! I live here in SLC, and missed this interview. So glad the word is getting out there about dating our spouses 🙂

  • Shauna

    Congratulations, Tiffany! You did really well. Phone interviews are tough because you don’t have all of the body language to go off of, although I’m sure that a live one would come with a whole different set of difficulties.
    That’s awesome that the word’s getting out about Project 52 and your blog.

  • ghislaine

    Yay for you! That’s amazing that you were on TV (even if it was a phone interview). What a great way to encourage other couples to build on getting to know each other!

  • Kelly

    Congrats on a great interview, Tiffany! You’ve got a great blog, and it’s been fun reading since your debut 🙂

  • overtiredmum

    Wow – how exciting. You did really well – I wouldn’t be able to form words and would have probably reverted to grunting!

    Long live date night! xo

  • flo

    I appreciate your effort to enhance God’s purpose for mariage
    That we might reflect in the way we relate to each other the loving faithfulness between Jesus and His people. Hundreds!


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