Project 52: Games with In-Laws

Nathan’s parents were in town most of last week. They leave later today. So I have been M.I.A. from any channel of social networking, including emails. Beside the point. Since they were here, we were all off routines and schedules. We went out shopping often, worked in the yard, visited family, so on and so forth. Getting back to date night, we had it on Thursday night. Lesson #1: Date night with the in-laws… laughed until we cried.

I love Nathan’s parents. We get along so well. Always have a blast when they are here. They are game people like us. So we played a new game called Killer Bunnies Remix. A friend my mine, (Hi, Court!) had told us about Killer Bunnies. Then I found it on clearance for $6. Deal! Date night last weekend was our first time playing. It took a while going through the instructions and figuring out the game. But by the end of the game, we were hysterical. We also munched on a pistachio cake my mother-in-law made. Lesson #2: We got to see a whole new side of my father-in-law.

Nathan said: This was a fun game. My dad, however, cheated and knew the answer and then traded accordingly at the end for the win. This is a great game for exposing liars and cheaters.

» Tell me… What is your favorite game as in board games and such? Want to join Project 52: Date Night? Awesome! Start anytime. Go here for details about the project and print the pledge.

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Project 52 Date Nights

8 Responses to “Project 52: Games with In-Laws”

  • Nichole

    Family game nights are so much fun! I’ve seen “Killer Bunnies” before but hadn’t actually heard anything about it. I might have to pick it up!

  • Brandy

    I LOVE to play games…any kind–board, card, video, outside, etc. I don’t think I could choose a favorite. Some that I love would be Catch Phrase, Balderdash, Compatibility, and so many more. I have never hear of Killer bunnies though so I might have to check it out.

  • overtiredmum

    Always on the lookout for fun games – will add to my amazon wish list!

    Your inlaws sound great – glad you had a good one! xo

  • Erica - 3 Little Sparrows

    I have never heard of Killer Bunnies but it looks fun. I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. I <3 Cranium!

  • stephanie

    again we slacked… i’m so ashamed 😉 my husband hurting his ankle has really taken us out of the loop. i’ve been way too exhausted. we have had a few movie nights and last night we did play cards together so that counts!


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