Project 52: Puzzles

It was going to be a busy weekend. So I planned an easy date night. The date was easy to plan, but not so easy to do. I had a 500 piece puzzle in the game closet. It took us three hours to complete. Luckily, Nathan is a puzzle pro. It’s one of his family’s favorite past times growing up. He has had many years of experiences. Lesson #1: The trick to puzzles is by grouping pieces by it’s colors.

Although doing puzzles didn’t create an atmosphere for conversation, we still had fun working together and cheering each other along our progress. And we had a caramel fondue to keep us energized enough to finish the puzzle. It was a fun date and it was nice to use my brain on something challenging. Lesson #2: Puzzles require a lot of concentration. So don’t expect it to be a conversation starter.

Nathan said: This was a busy week and the weekend was packed with even more craziness so this simple date allowed us to be together and work on something together. That was different than most of our other dates and when you finish a puzzle you get a sense of accomplishment. It was nice to feel that with Tiffany. We make a good team. I determine the strategy and she organizes. We both win!

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10 Responses to “Project 52: Puzzles”

  • Ally

    I really like this date idea! Achieving something together is very rewarding. I love puzzles, but my hubby gets so frustrated and angry…so it kind of takes the fun out of it. Maybe I should give it another try! Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  • Nichole

    My husband *loves* puzzles. I do not. At all. But I suppose it would be nice for him if we had a puzzle night.

  • MamaTina

    Thanks for the idea! I have an unfinished puzzle in the closet separated by colors 😀 We also have one that is a Mystery Jigsaw puzzle game. Two different 500 piece puzzles mixed together and when they are completed, they help you solve a mystery. E is for Espresso is the one we have. Great fun for parties, maybe date night, too!

  • Lauren

    The best part about our date nights so far is that we’re actually doing something besides watching TV or surfing the web on a Saturday night! Yay!

  • Shauna

    Puzzles make for such a great relaxing time. I haven’t done one in ages, but it’s on my list of dates to try!

  • Marian Buttars

    I have been meaning to do a puzzle for one of our date nights! Good to know that 500 pieces may take a little longer than we want it to. I might have to find a 300 piece puzzle. Thanks for hosting this fun project. We have really enjoyed our date nights, and even though some work out better than others, it is nice to have a time set aside each week that we know we will spend time together. It is also great for me to be able to post here and feel like part of a larger community all doing the same thing! And I get great ideas from others.

  • Sarah

    I haven’t posted about our dates because we don’t always get to have one, but last week we set up a double date with friends and went to this Ceramic studio. I don’t think they’re super common, but this place is fun. You get to pick a ceramic (bowl, plate, mask, tile, tons of choices), you paint it, they fire and glaze it, and you can pick it up the next week. We had lots of fun with our friends.


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