Project 52: Would You Rather… & Download the Game

It had been a long day for me. Kaye was spending the night at my parents’ house, for the second night in a row. I dropped her off on Thursday and she had a great time, wanting to stay another night. No argument here. With only one kid, I spent all day Friday running errands. Returned books at the library. Stopped at Target to get strawberries that were on sale for $1 per pound. Went to Home Depot to look at edging for our yard and pick up a weed killer spray. Stopped at Michael’s to return some stuff that were the wrong size. Hopped over to the YMCA to check out membership info. Also made a brief visit to Goodwill. Then returned home in time for dinner, but nothing made. After dinner, Nathan, Elle and I went to the grocery store to pick up milk. Then grabbed a few movies at Blockbuster. Lesson #1: Lots of running around prior to date night = one tired wife.

Good thing I had this date planned or else it probably wouldn’t have happened. I know there is a game called Would You Rather? I’ve never played it before. So I came up with a simple version of it for date night. Nathan and I both wrote down ‘would your rather’ scenarios on a piece of paper. Next we cut up each scenarios into strips and tossed it in a bowl. For each ‘would you rather’ question, I picked a scenario from the bowl and he picked one. It was so much fun and definitely learned something new about each other. Lots of laughs, that’s for sure. Lesson #2: If you want a date night filled with laughter, play Would You Rather.

I made a PDF of our version of Would You Rather… for you to print and play. I just made date night easy for you this week. To download and print the game, click on this Would You Rather link.

Nathan said: This was a really simple game but it was fun to see some of Tiffany’s priorities. I came up with a few specific for her like “read all the Harry Potter books” just to irk her a bit. We had a few laughs and enjoyed the rest of the evening together.

» Tell me… Would you rather wear the same outfit for the rest of your life or listen to the same song on repeat for the rest of your life? Want to join Project 52: Date Night? Awesome! Start anytime. Go here for details about the project and print the pledge.

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13 Responses to “Project 52: Would You Rather… & Download the Game”

  • Erica - 3 Little Sparrows

    How fun. BTW, I would rather listen to the same song on repeat, especially if it was an awesome worship song. 😀

  • overtiredmum

    Good easy fun date. Might take you up on the print out – ta!

    I think I would go for the song – but only if I could chose it. Now you’ve got me thinking of the song. xo

  • Whitney

    I LOVE this idea! This would also make for great road trip conversation as well.

  • Erin

    I think I’d rather wear the same outfit. Although I would kind of hate that too. But I REALLY hate having a song stuck in my head!

  • Kaley

    Do we have to add our link each week?
    Thank you for the wonderful Idea. This will help our relationship tremendously!

    • Tiffany

      i do encourage linking each week if you can. i love reading about everyone’s dates and it’s fun for us to all exchange ideas.

  • stephanie

    our date didn’t really happen so i didn’t bother posting this week. we watched ‘the blindside’ on tues. night together if that counts! 🙂

    my husband has been out of commission due to a twisted ankle so i have been one tired momma.


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