BTB Tip #15: Pants As Shorts

Back to basics tip #15: As I go through the kids’ clothes pulling out their summer stuff, I always go back to look at the smaller sizes. Not so much to reminisce, but to pull out the pants for Kaye to wear as shorts. My Kaye has a small waist size. So I am able to pull out 9 months pants for her to wear as shorts or capris in the summer.

5 Responses to “BTB Tip #15: Pants As Shorts”

  • Mary Beth

    Cute!!! What a great idea. My daughter will be 2 next week, and she can still wear the tiniest sizes in the waist! I may have to see if I have any of her older pants left that I can use this way!! Thanks for the idea!

  • Lisa @ moxie pear

    I do the same thing with a lot of Gia’s pants from the previous year (and more because she has a tiny waist too). It’s a great way to save some money!

  • Jill

    Genius. Such a pain to pull out those boxes, but if it saves a trip to the store and the money spent I’m all over it. Thanks!

  • Brandi S

    We’ve had to do that the opposite way. My daughter had an 18 month waist by 6 months so I bought some 18 month capri’s and they worked as pants for her and then still fit at 18 months as capris. I’ll have to go check her old stuff and see what I can find because now she’s so much slimmer


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