Exciting Upcoming Events

I finally got my business card made. It was such a hard thing for me to commit to. And I wasn’t sure on the design and what I wanted. I wanted something memorable, simple and modern. I even sent my draft over to a design friend (Hi, Melissa!) to get some feedback. I ordered through Moo and I am impressed. Although, next time I’ll give the edges a larger border. And the cards are not cut as precise as I had hoped. But overall I like it, even the cool case that came with it.

Things are going to pick up a bit here on Simply Modern Mom. Beginning next week we will be celebrating motherhood getting in gear for Mother’s Day. There will be events, a contest, a challenge and lots of tutorials coming your way over the next month. I have been working on projects and getting sponsors for some of the events. Are you excited? You should be!

Other than the celebrating motherhood week coming, I will spend another week showing you how to throw an outdoor dinner party from start to finish. That’s what I’m doing for Nathan’s 30th birthday party. Then I will be listing cleaning tips to help you with spring cleaning. You probably have already started. And then there will be a skirt week with tutorials for making skirts. I’m totally into skirts this year.

Before I head off into the weekend, I wanted to tell you about a Flickr group I created. So many of you have emailed me pictures and links to your blog of crafts you’ve made and things you’ve done inspired by Simply Modern Mom. I love it. Please keep them coming! Better yet, post the pictures in the new Flickr group called Simply Modern Mom Inspired. If you’ve made something using my tutorials or something from the Made page then share it! And if something from Back to Basics Tipsmy Lists or Friday’s 5 at 5 has simplified your life, then post it! Even if it’s a dish you made from the Over-Used Recipe Swap or a date you went on for Project 52: Date Nights. Really, anything that has inspired you in any way, take a picture of it and show it off in the Simply Modern Mom Flickr group.

» Tell me… What has inspired you lately? Do you have suggestions for future events or topics you would like me to cover on Simply Modern Mom?

3 Responses to “Exciting Upcoming Events”

  • Aimee @ HomeSpun-Threads

    I was just thinking yesterday I want business cards too. For several reasons, one so I can share my blogs and two so new people I meet can have my contact info. I like yours…I think they are perfectly you.

  • Line

    You inspired me to make homemade donuts. I loved the recipe you posted because it was so EASY. 🙂

  • Emily Heizer Photography

    I love all the space used like that! It looks so unique! It’s very eye catching. I want to read it!

    I do all my business cards through Moo as well- I love them! I do the mini cards mostly, but I have full size as well. I love that I can put a different example of my work on each card- it’s like I’ve got my whole portfolio in my wallet!


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