Friday 5 at 5: Purchasing Used Baby Products

Part of going green and being more eco-friendly is reusing items rather than purchasing new stuff that will one day be disposed of in our landfills. Three years ago I was a new mom and purchased everything new because I wanted the best for my baby. Plus there’s that germaphobia that needed things to be clean and in good condition. Later as I became a more experienced mom, I realized there are baby products that are actually best purchased used. It is cheaper and a lot of time still in great condition.

Something to keep in mind when purchasing used baby products, please check the recall list to make sure you are not purchasing something that is hazardous for your children. A quick way to search the list is control+F on your computer that will bring up the search function on your computer. Then type in the brand or type of product to search for the word on that web page.

  1. Books. I love expanding our collection of children’s book. And I don’t mind paying $1-2 for used children’s books than the $15 retail prices.
  2. Clothes. Kids grow out of clothes so fast. And I don’t mind the food, grass or dirt stains on them when I only paid $2 for it.
  3. Toys. I look for ones that I can clean or toss in with the laundry (stuffed animals). Make sure to check it has all its parts and nothing broken.
  4. Furniture. Cribs, rockers, gliders, dressers and changing tables. Make sure you check the recall list. Some baby furniture might have had updates on it and the manufacture will send you the replacement parts for free.
  5. Gear. Swings, bouncers, pack ‘n play and highchairs. Similar to the furniture, check for recalls.

4 Responses to “Friday 5 at 5: Purchasing Used Baby Products”

  • Chelley Black

    I absolutely agree! With my first child, I cringed at the idea of buying anything used. I assumed that she would be my only child and wanted her to have nothing but the best. When my son came along 13 months later, I snapped out of it. đŸ™‚ Our “equipment” is still mostly new, but I find great kids clothes at thrift stores. There are so many great brands in wonderful condition for $0.50 – $2.00 a piece!

  • eirka

    that’s how i dress my daughter in designer duds. lol! over the past 10 years my husband and i have bought pretty much everything in our lives used, and we find we can get really great quality stuff for much less than cheap stuff is new. win/win!

  • Line

    I thought I had to buy everything new when I was a new mom, too. But now, I am all about buying the used stuff. My favorite thing to buy used is books. Actually, after the initial time I bought children’s books used, I haven’t been able to go back to paying full price for them.

  • Sarah

    I’m 100% on board. With my first, we bought everything new. New furniture, new clothes, new books, new toys… etc. Such a waste! Then I learned how little kids use things and how quickly they out grow them. Baby #2 is here. Now I get the majority of their books at Goodwill (65 cents!) Who can beat that!? I shop consignment sales and Ebay for clothes. I get so many comments on how many outfits my 3 year old has but they never know I paid just a couple dollars for those expensive Gymboree pants! I got #2’s crib, changing table and dresser on Craig’s List for $350 total! It looks brand new! Buy used! It saves you money and is better for the planet!


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