Friday’s 5 at 5: Easter Egg Fillers

I’m one of those moms who doesn’t like to fill my kids up with sugar. When I bake, I only use half the sugar suggested in the recipes. I still dilute my children’s juices with half water. I purchase no sugar added or less sugar food products, but no artificial sweeteners either. I watch the high fructose syrups in food ingredients. I don’t give my children a lot of candy or desserts.

Some of you are nodding your head agreeing with me. Others maybe shaking your head thinking, “Oh, she’s one of those annoying moms.” Either way, certain holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween make it difficult for me. A huge part of the holiday is centered around candy and chocolate. So I am always looking for alternatives. This year, I will be filling Easter eggs with…

  1. Coins. Nickels, quarters and dimes.
  2. Small amounts of candy. Or try healthy snacks like dried fruits.
  3. Stickers.
  4. Small trinkets or toys. Make sure they are age appropriate.
  5. Accessories. For girls you can do hair clips, necklaces, bracelets or rings. For boys are a bit harder, at least for me since I don’t have any boys. But you can try bow ties, colored shoe laces or neck ties.

» Tell me… What is your take on sugar and giving it to your kids? What will you be filling your Easter eggs with this year?

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  • Jade @ No Longer 25

    This is a great idea. I always find that recipes from the US have a lot more sugar than UK recipes and I tend to use less than the recipes suggest. I also try to avoid artificial sweeteners. Sugar is added to so many things it’s really hard to avoid it!

  • Lisa S

    after having 3 kids and being crazy about what they put in there mouths i’ve relaxed a little bit. I allow chocolate and if we are having dessert then the kids can have dessert too, i usually buy frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Everythign is fine in moderation and i found with my oldest the more i with held treats from him the more he craved hoarded and fought to get his hands on them. I will say the dried fruit thing isnt as good as everyone still has alot of sugar and is just as chewy and sticky as sour patch kids. It caused my childs first two cavities he loved raisans and dried cranberries and prunes. He said because they arent the best at brushing there teeth you have to make sure you brush them for them AFTER you feed them something that is sticky like dried fruit….i had no idea i thought i had a good thing going with all these healthy trail mizes on the go!

    this year we filled our eggs with chocolates, stickers, fake tattoos, and we also hid some small outdoor toys liek squirt guns pails shovels and other small things

  • Nicole Robinson

    For my boy I have a dino egg that “hatches” in water, and a dragon egg that contains dragon pieces that can be put together (WalMart $5). You can also find tiny dinos and critters in tubes at craft stores like JoAnne’s or Michel’s, and any party store or section has little favors/toys that will fit in eggs. Any extras you can save for birthday parties, etc. 🙂

  • Sarah

    I tend to agree with you about sugar. My husband and I don’t eat very much at all so it’s not in the house for my daughter to want. She never had a drop of juice until she was 23 months old simply because her parents don’t drink juice.

    However, I feel like the odd man out as I read Easter posts on blogs today. Growing up, we never hunted for plastic eggs filled with candy or anything else. We dyed our eggs on Friday or Saturday and THOSE were the ones the EB hid on Easter morning. I didn’t even realize people did it another way! Ahh… the sheltered life of traditions. 🙂

    • Tiffany

      i don’t drink a lot of juice either. and when i do, i also like it watered down a bit. not half and half though.

  • Julie @ Practically Spent

    Oh I’m so on your team! Glad to know there are others in agreement. I bake with about half the sugar too, and have been adding a bit of Stevita Simply-Stevia to make up for the loss of sweetness.

    We don’t eat any hydrogenated oils & I make most everything from scratch. Yes, we eat chocolate and some cookies that I make, but I steer clear of the dyes in foods and straight-up sugared junk. My oldest gets to have birthday treats from others at school, but over the years we’ve also talked why eating those things regularly are not a good choice.

    • Tiffany

      i’m so glad you think the same. i am glad there is a slow movement for ‘no sugar added’ products for kids. but that’s when i have to watch for the artificial stuff.

  • Carrie

    This year, I am filling our kids’ eggs with puzzle pieces. Our youngest boy, who just turned 3 yesterday, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes right after Easter last year. So, this year, we are drastically limiting candy (which makes me happy for my other non-diabetic kids too!). I think I read this idea in Family Fun this month or last and it is perfect as all our kids are really into puzzles this year. We’ll label the eggs with their initial so they know which ones are theirs to find (this also keeps them from fighting over who finds more eggs!) and if they find them all, they’ll have a full set of puzzle pieces to keep them busy for the rest of the morning!

    • Tiffany

      that is such a great idea… doing puzzle pieces and labeling the eggs. thanks for the tips.

  • genie

    Other than the puzzle piece idea, I have no plans of ever filling eggs with anything. We never did as a kid and I think that this is another example of consumerism invading a holiday. And I am NOT religious. I just don’t like the idea of a holiday revolving around candy or things. At our city park this year, the community egg hunt had eggs filled with all sorts of things, most of which were not appropriate for littles… The Easter (or equinox) bunny will come with a small bit of candy, we will hunt empty or puzzle piece eggs, eat green eggs and ham and that will be that…

  • Kenna

    We get crazy looks at Easter. Our kids usually get 1 or 2 items that are not candy – a book and a cute shirt/tank top found at great prices this year. Next year, my girls may get $5 i-tune gift cards since they are getting older. I usually put money in one or 2 of their eggs. This year they each got 3 pieces of candy (reese’s peanut butter egg, bunny ear kitkat and one other small piece) besides 1 pack of sugar-free gum. They receive enough candy with grandparents and godparents bringing little baskets for them.

  • Lauren

    We are filling my sons eggs with bouncy balls and Pixar cars diecast cars or hot wheels since he really likes cars. But I would love some other ideas!!!!


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