Friday’s 5 at 5: Mommy Moments

You won’t know the truth of these statements until you are a mom of little darlings. Then there are more experienced moms who are dealing with a whole new set of mommy moments. But you’ll remember these moments that probably happened not long ago. You know you’re a mom with little ones if…

  1. Going to the bathroom is no longer a private business. At home, Elle loves to bang on the door as soon as I shut it. And she’ll bang on it until I’m out of there. At public bathrooms, Kaye likes to ask me out loud, “Mom, are you going pee pee or poo poo?” Then she likes to answer that question herself. Also out loud.
  2. You’ve been thrown up on, pooped and/or peed on and spit up on by the same person and you still love him/her. There were times when I use myself, my hands or my clothes to catch puke or spit up and Nathan glared at me like, No way would I EVER do that.
  3. You’ve pulled something out of the diaper bag or your purse and someone said, “Wow! You had that in there?” It’s our mommy magic bag, right? Just like Mary Poppins. I think the weirdest thing I’ve ever had in the diaper bag was the spark plug for our lawn mower. I was trying to find a replacement and needed it to get the right one. Then I forgot about it and left it in there for months. Don’t worry, it was contained in a Ziplock bag.
  4. Your kids are your alarm clock. I miss those days of sleeping in. In fact, just this Monday Kaye came in at 6:45 a.m. and yelled, “Get up, Mom! It’s your birthday today!” And I am not a morning person.
  5. You don’t mind eating cold meals anymore. By the time I get food in front of everyone, cut up pieces, gather drinks, grabbed bibs and napkins, deal with menu complaints and pick up dropped utensils and food off the floor and wipe up spilled drinks my food has been sitting at the table untouched for at least 15 minutes. I’m just glad to be eating.

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6 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Mommy Moments”

  • Glenyce

    When our twins were toddlers, I would keep a deck of cards on the floor of the toilet. When I needed to go, I would encourage the girls to follow me to the door, then I would flick the cards out with my foot under the door to them so I could go and know that they were getting into anything they shouldn’t be! They would giggle like mad and I could get a moment to myself (sort of).

  • Jb

    As my kids got older I discovered that I could walk again! It’s funny how you get used to a baby being attached to your leg!

    I was “blessed” with one child who is an early bird, and one who is a late sleeper. Luckily, eventually the early bird learned to keep himself entertained (mostly by talking to himself constantly ;)).

  • Brittney Colyer

    Thanks for being real 🙂 I’m expecting my second this December and my kiddos will only be a few years apart and I’m a little nervous – but the reality is, it won’t be perfect, but it will be real and full of good amidst the struggles. I love that probably all mom’s can unite and say the 5 mommy moments are true for them too! They are for me! Oh, and my daughter spit up so much when I was nursing that I could time it and aim her for the bathroom sink so I wouldn’t get the motherload of it on me!

  • Emily

    I’m laughing b/c these are so true(!) minus the magic mommy bag. My husband is convinced I’ve got everything in there but I don’t just yet. Ha ha.

  • Anne Thompson

    Thanks Tiffany – I was going a bit crazy today and you just made me laugh really hard. I’m not alone – yay!!!

  • Anna

    (5) Nap times no longer constitute alone time, It’s a full family event squeezed onto the one two seater in the house! (never find the full 5 seater couch!)

    lol, My friends are always astonished to see that I have an actual medical kit in my purse complete with makeup kit, camping/survival kit, motivational books, flashlight, wallet, and multiple bags of cookies and muffins!


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