Friday’s 5 at 5: Spring Cleaning Decluttering

I’ve been going through the house and decluttering closets, the kitchen cabinets, dressers, garage and attic. Decluttering from the top to bottom room by room. It feels nice to get rid of stuff. I am anxious to get spring cleaning done so I can get back to my projects and post some tutorials. Until then, here are some tips for helping you decided whether you should get rid of something…

  1. When was the last time I used it? Has it been sitting there for a year or longer in the hopes of being used one day? Do you say to yourself, “I might need that again”? This is the story of my salad spinner. It was a wedding gift. I used it a lot when we were first married. It traveled with us when we moved cross country. And I haven’t touched it since we moved into our current house – three years ago.
  2. How often do I use it? This is the story of the full-size mattress in Elle’s room. Elle is in what used to be the guest room. I will be bunking her with Kaye when she switches to a big girl bed. Until then, we have out-of-state visitors in our home maybe 2-3 times a year. So we have a bed in Elle’s room that prevents it from being a fun room for her. We’re getting rid of that bed and finding other alternatives – like a nice futon or a sofa bed. I like multifunctional.
  3. Can I do without? Do you really need it? Will your life come to a halt if you don’t have it? Will it simplify your life if you got rid of it? This is the case with my kids’ toys. It simplifies my life when I get rid of toys they haven’t played with in a while, especially if it has a lot of pieces. Less picking up for me to do at the end of the day.
  4. Does it have a place? If it doesn’t have a place in the house, it’s probably means you don’t value it as much. Everything you value has a place in the house whether it’s part of decoration or being used. This is shoes for me. Before I buy a new pair of shoes, I usually try to get rid of an old pair. That is until I can move into a house with a shoe closet. Then I can have as many pairs of shoes I desire to fulfill my shoe obsession.
  5. Can it be replaced? Is it something that needs to be upgraded or updated, like technology, clothes or shoes? This is Nathan’s big pull in the house. He wants an Apple TV so he can get rid of all the DVDs in the house. Not so fast, buddy. I can live with DVDs, for now.

» Tell me… How do you determine what to get rid of in your household?

3 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Spring Cleaning Decluttering”

  • Jade @ No Longer 25

    It’s not time for spring cleaning yet, please don’t make me have to spring clean already! Actually we’ve made a good start, we’re moving in about 3 weeks so I’ve been doing some clearing out and packing. I could be more ruthless though.

  • Joanna

    We have a computer hooked up to our tv–we ripped our DVD’s and all I have to do is click to play. No previews or waiting for the menu to appear. It’s not an apple computer–any computer will work.

  • Aimee @ HomeSpun-Threads

    This is so familiar. I’m working on it now and I think it is at least a week long process! I need to learn to let go of some of it though and quit handing stuff down. It would NOT kill me to buy some new things each season for the little ones. SIGH!


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