Learn From a Pro: Blaire from AirTran

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I have a friend Blaire who is a flight attendant for AirTran Airways. She also recently became a mother to a sweet little baby boy. Having been a flight attendant for the past four years, I asked Blaire to give mothers some tips for flying on a plane with children and babies. If you are ever flying AirTran, look for Blaire. Then for more tips, read my previous posts regarding general tips for traveling with children, road tripsdomestic flight travels and international travels for your spring break and summer vacation travels with the little ones. And if you are looking for something to make, try this traveling placemat tutorial. Let’s all learn from Blaire the flight attendant with tips for mothers traveling with children.

  • Check in online the night before and pick your seats. The last thing you want is to be separated from your child. You can also request a different seat at the gate BEFORE the boarding process begins.
  • Security can be crazy. Most airports have family lines. If traveling with formula or breast milk please view the TSA site for regulations.
  • Check your car seat for FAA approval. To find out, look for the sticker on the side of the car seat.
  • Two is the magic number. A lap child is a child 2 years or younger. They can fly on your lap for free or minimal fee. Children 2 and older require a separate seat and must be in a car seat or seat for takeoff and landing.
  • Undo the wraps. You must remove your sling, wrap or Baby Bjorn before takeoff and landing.
  • Check your luggage. Spend the money. You will be glad you don’t have to keep up with bags and children. And only bring what you will need for the plane ride. Don’t forget their blanket. Not all airlines provide pillows and blankets. And remember their medications. If you think you or your child might need medication, pack it. Flight attendants can not issue medication. Not even Tylenol.
  • Use the bathrooms. Please take advantage of the changing tables on the plane. Yes, people always try to change their baby on their lap while other customers are seated next to them.
  • Off peak travel. You should consider traveling during the week. More seats available for you and your family to spread out.
  • Plan for delays. You may want to schedule the first flight out. Delays are less likely because the plane is already there or has fewer stops to make. Please bring snacks for your children. I even pack snacks for my husband. You might think you will have time to buy food at the airport, however, anything can happen. The park and ride shuttle may be running behind, or the security is backed up, or nothing to eat at your gate or your departure was delayed and now you will barely make your connection.
  • Time permitting. Pilots are more than willing to have your child view the cockpit at the end of the flight. Just ask your flight attendant if the pilots have time.
  • Keep your spirits up. Your child can feel your stress. Remember it’s your vacation, the one you saved and worked hard for. If you need a flight attendant, just ring the call light we will be happy to help!

» Tell me… Did you learn anything new from Blaire? Have you had any bad experiences traveling on flight with a child? Maybe not yours but someone else’s?

4 Responses to “Learn From a Pro: Blaire from AirTran”

  • Natalie

    great tips!! she is very wise. haha. this will come in handy with the traveling we have ahead of us!

  • ameliorateme

    We just flew to DC – the 5-hour flight over was hell. I got a middle seat on a packed flight with my 1.5-year-old on my lap. I took the advice of my mom and pediatrician and gave her Benadryl – BAD IDEA. She was so hyper and threw two of the biggest tantrums I have ever seen – full on in the aisle, kicking and banging her fists on the floor. Thankfully, I sat next to two working moms and everyone on the flight was really cool about it. On the way back, we had our own row and she sat in her carseat – the flight was perfect.

  • Nicole Robinson

    My parents just told me that on one of their flights there was a family with 3 little ones in the back of the plane. The baby girl was crying ever since take-off. One of the flight attendants picked her up and walked her up and down the plane, and she stopped crying. Everyone was so patient and understanding.
    Thats the type of crew we moms pray for!

  • Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae

    I once flew on a plane with my 8 month old twins by myself. One of my boys pooped on every take-off. One of the planes I was on DIDN’T HAVE A BATHROOM. I had to change him, so the flight attendant held a blanket up for us, but all the recycled air just spread the smell around the cabin. So embarrassing!

    One tip: If you are traveling with another adult, send one of them ahead to get the bags if you are delayed waiting on strollers, etc. when you get off the plane. I had my luggage stolen on that same trip because I was the last one to get to the baggage claim area. The flight attendant made me wait until everyone was off the plane before she would let me off and then I had to wait for my stroller, etc. Bummer!


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