On the Hunt for Vintage

My in-laws were in town from Tuesday till this Tuesday. Before my mother-in-law left, we went on a hunt for vintage items at my favorite thrift store. My mom met us there. My mom was the one who got me into thrift store shopping, yard sales and antique malls. Anyway, I really hit the jackpot this time. I found yards and yards of fabric. I have been collecting fabric to use for sewing projects and as backdrops for my photography. Then these were few other items I found…

Um. Yeah. I found this Polaroid Automatic 230 Land Camera for $3.78. That’s right. Case and all. It had the flash, original instruction manual and even extra bulbs for the flash. No film. Will need to find some film. I am so in love with this camera. I hope it works.

I am also treasuring this baby. A Kodak Instamatic M 50 super 8 film projector. Still works. I plugged it in and lit right up. Now I just need to ask my dad for some of his old super 8 films. I bought this from the thrift store for $2.75.

I have always said I am a shoes and purses kind of gal. So when I found these, I had to get them. Two of them still had price tags on them. I got each of them for about $3.50 each.

Got this beauty at the antique mall for $10. I’m going to use it to keep all of Kaye’s dress up clothes and accessories in one place. Also found a bunch of old wooden thread spools for $0.80 and $0.30. I grabbed a handful of those too.

» Tell me… Do you like thrift store shopping? What were some of your favorite finds from thrift stores?

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  • emily

    i have looked everywhere for a super 8 projector to watch old family films as my dad’s broke awhile back. if you ever feel the need to sell it, i’ll buy it from you!!

  • shelese

    If you are ever in St George, Utah they have an amazing thrift store that has a contemporary edge called Urban Renewal. They always have awesome finds. My favorite was an antique Japanese oil bucket(made of wood) I got it for my mother-in-law (She is Japanese). They have super adorable vintage kids stuff, and furniture. I have to hit it up every time I am in town.

    • Tiffany

      i’ll keep urban renewal on my list of places to visit next time i’m in utah. thanks for the tip!

  • Kaley

    Where is that thrift store?!! I am in love with all of your finds! There is a store in Salt Lake, UT called Decades. It has vintage, retro, and contemporary clothing for Men & Women. I recently got a pair Steve Madden heals that were in mint condition still in the box. They are my favorite heals that I have now… payed $20!

    • Tiffany

      ooo, nice! next time i’m in SLC i’ll have to check out Decades. thanks for telling me about it. 🙂

  • Chelley Black

    I LOVE thrift shopping! I always find great clothes for my kids. Just this week, I found a nearly new Lilly Pulitzer jacket for $8.99. I also found a brand new Wilson’s Leather briefcase bag for $12.99 and a new (with tags) Fossil leather purse for $5.99. Oh … my favorite find this week was a big framed print with flowers and bunnies and a yellow mat. It looks very expensive. It was marked $20, but rang up for $10. DEAL!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE antique shopping and thrift store shopping. My favorite find was one time I went to the thrift store specifically looking for a wooden rolling pin. (Yeah, what were the chances of me actually finding one?) Well, I walked right back to the kitchen stuff aisle and…. there it was! I couldn’t believe my luck! $3 later and it’s still going strong today.
    Another favorite find at the antique store – this beautiful vintage pale yellow ceramic bowl with handles and a molded wheat motif around the top – on clearance for a really good deal. I love that bowl!

  • Jennycake

    I grew up thrifting and garage saling with my mom. My husband grew up garage saling with his dad, so we knew when we met we were made for each other. My favorite find so far has got to be a crystal chandelier we bought from an add in the paper(this is before craigslist) purchased for $40, and then cleaned and shined and sold for $1300. But recently my husband spotted a beautiful old(ie. well built) buffet at the goodwill we paid $250. And that is alot better than the one for sale at Pottery Barn for $1600. I love a bargain and I love finding treasure at the goodwill.

  • Rachel

    Wow!! So I found your website through Today’s Parent magazine and I was looking at your Date Night ideas and then started clicking on everything else. You have made me want to plan a date with my husband, learn a craft and head to the thrift store! I have a little boy who will be 2 in April and a little girl who will be 1 in May and when you wrote the post about not being able to keep things clean… well, ya, I can relate!! Thanks for the post and some encouragement to try new things and not waste away the day!


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