Project 52: Battleship and Sub Search

Nathan planned a night of sea warfare games. Actually, he just wanted to play Battleship. I wanted to play Sub Search because it was a vintage game I found at the thrift store. Also the day when I scored other vintage items. We ended up play both. Lesson #1: Some dates require to compromises, too.

Ever since Nathan told me we were going to play Battleship, we’ve been involved in a bit of friendly trash talking. Then I ended up beating him in both games. Ha! I haven’t played Battleship since elementary school. The game has changed a bit. They’ve added islands and a guy you have to rescue. The game setup changed too. Sub Search was also fun. Lesson #2: It feels good to beat someone who has been trash talking.

Nathan said: I was really hoping to win at least one game of Battleship. After losing to Tiffany in my March Madness bracket for the 6th year in a row I was looking for a small victory. The date was fun as we both were able to reminisce about childhood games and activities.

» Tell me… Have you played the new Battleship? Do you have fond memories of playing Battleship in your childhood? Have you ever heard of Sub Search?

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6 Responses to “Project 52: Battleship and Sub Search”

  • Tracey

    I used to love playing Battleship. I didn’t realize there was a new style now. I will have to keep a look out when I do my thrifting for the old one.

  • MamaTina

    I’m pretty sure that I only played Battleship once or twice when I was young. And I’ve never heard of SubSearch. Is it worth looking for?

  • Marian Buttars

    I remember playing Battleship when I was young. I found an old one in my grandparents basement a few years ago and brought it home at let my 6th graders (I used to teach school) play it because it promoted logic and other such useful skills (it was really just a fun game to them!). I would like to find the new version; it sounds a little more challenging.


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