Project 52: High School Yearbooks

First of all, I wanted to say hi and welcome to some new couples joining us for Project 52: Date Nights. I look forward to this every week. And second, I want to thank all the participants for being so supportive of each other. You go to each other’s sites and comment on their dates. And I thoroughly enjoy reading about your date nights and learning more about you. So thanks for making this project so amusing.

Date night almost didn’t happen. Nathan wanted to watch the newly released Sherlock Holmes for date night. I stopped by the nearest Red Box and realized they didn’t’ have it yet. Nothing else seemed interesting to watch in place of Sherlock, so he ex-nayed on that idea. At the last minute, I read through my list of at-home date night suggestions, I thought going through our yearbooks might be fun to do. Here are a couple other downloadable PDF print outs or other ideas for date nights… Would You Rather game, monthly date packets, caramel fondue recipe and First Word game. Lesson #1: It’s OK to help each other plan date nights.

Oh gosh. High school yearbooks. Brought back some great memories. We are so glad we are not in high school anymore. Nathan and I came to the realization that we wouldn’t have dated in high school. We were hanging out with different crowds back then. Lesson #2: High school yearbooks = good laughs. I included a picture of me in 10th grade.

Nathan said: I’m thankful that I met Tiffany in college. Really thankful. This date was really fun and we got to know our old selves better and understand a little more where each of us came from. Did I say that I’m glad I met Tiffany AFTER high school?

» Tell me… What were you like in high school? Do you think you would have dated your husband if you went to the same high school?

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11 Responses to “Project 52: High School Yearbooks”

  • Glenyce

    I think Tim and I decided it was best we met after high school. I don’t think we would have been there at the same time anyway come to think of it. Funny how things change even in a few short years. I am really enjoying reading other peoples dates too. I am having a rotten time commenting though because for some reason blogger (I think) is having “issues” on my computer. Not exactly a technically savy person. Anyway, everyone is doing great! Thanks again Tiffany for starting this. I have to get to and type up our date now!
    PS – Really like your new do!

  • Jennifer

    Hi Tiffany. My husband and I are new to the project and we had our first “date” last Friday. We had so much fun and are looking forward to this Friday already!! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m so glad to be a part of it!

  • thetallgrl

    My husband and I have had this conversation. He thinks he might have been interested in me, but I can promise you I wouldn’t have been one tiny bit interested in him!! I think we met at the right time.

  • Roe

    What a great idea!!! Now I want to do this with my husband!!! I don’t think we would have dated in high school, only because I just didn’t date. I was way way way to shy.

  • Line

    Haha! That would be an interesting date night… Saia and I have talked about whether we would have seriously dated in high school. Although we were attracted to each other in high school, we both agreed that it was probably better that we didn’t actually start dating (like for-real dating) until we were both in college when we were both a little more grown-up. I’m glad it worked out this way, though, because we probably wouldn’t have been together in college or married for that matter if it didn’t happen this way.

  • overtiredmum

    We would have hated each other in the teens – goes to show everyone changes (thankfully).

    I love the idea of yearbooks – we don’t have them here – what a great way to keep hold of school memories. But I think I would have hated the experience during school. I was soooo shy – would have got the least likely to be noticed category.

    Great date xo

  • YourfriendCourtney

    We have had these discussions really late at night before. There would be no way I would have dated my husband in high school. He would have been to “nerdy” for me. Plus, he already told me he would have hated me and thought I was super stuck up to even been interested. He is always amazed at the stories I tell him of my highschool years because I’m sooooooooo not the person I was back then. He’s still a nerd though. =) I like it. It’s one of his best and finest qualities I think. He’s even turned me into one. LOL!

  • michelle

    I saw on somebody elses post that they had “date cards”. Is there a download of date suggestions somewhere that I’m missing, or is this just, do what you can at home?!

  • Pam

    Oh, man. I love this! We wouldn’t have dated in high school either; I dated husband’s brother for a year!

  • Spring

    I had a bit of a crush on him in high school; he swears it was mutual. However, we went to different in high schools, and saw each other a couple of times a year. I still hold strong that God put us together, because there is no reason why I should have seen him every year after high school. We went to different colleges, his away, mine at home; and yet our paths crossed regularly. Though, it’s true, it’s best we waited and he had some time to grow up, not me, I’ve always been perfect. HA! Great date night!


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