Project 52: Spa Night

This month it’s back to Nathan. He said to me, “For date night this week, I want to do something kinda girly.” I gave him a funny look because the things that came into mind would have been very funny. Then he talked about doing a spa night. We were so busy this weekend that we didn’t have time to stop at the store to pick up anything spa-ish. Lesson #1: The day-to-day stuff really does try to get in the way of date nights some weeks.

Make due with what we had in the house, we did facials and foot massages. I also tried a body butter that a friend gave me a while ago. It’s Arbonne’s Ginger Citrus body butter. It’s my new favorite thing. It left my skin feeling so soft. This was the first time I used body butter. It always sounded like something that should be spread on bread and not my body. Lesson #2: Finding new ways to pamper myself… Love it!

We needed a relaxing date night last week. In fact, we weren’t able to have it until Sunday night, after all the Easter shindig. It has been a crazy week for us with Nathan back in school and spring cleaning. Lesson #3: It’s the little things that count.

Nathan said: Spa night was fun time for me to learn about all the painful and interesting things women do to their bodies in the name of beauty. I’m pretty simple with my hygiene so all of this facial gel and body butter is new to me. I do get a kick out of all the flavors and types of creams there are for dry skin. Overall the date was relaxing, we talked and hung out for a couple of hours without interruptions. Something we weren’t able to do the previous eight days.

» Tell me… I know some of you have done spa nights as date nights. What are some products or things you like you pamper yourself with?

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8 Responses to “Project 52: Spa Night”

  • Tracey

    Hmm, I wonder if my hubby will go for the spa thing. I have some of that Arbonne Body Butter that I received as a gift as well, but I haven’t tried it yet. Good for your hubby for wanting to do something girly!

  • Brandy

    I really like to use Mary Kay Satin Hands and Satin Lips. I also like to use salt or sugar scrubs.

  • Polly

    My husband and I have found a great date night activity- listening to Harry Potter on audio! We play cards, make dessert, or simply cuddle on the couch while listening. It’s great!

  • overtiredmum

    Seems like everyone has had a very busy easter – glad you had a chance to catch a breath and catch up with each other. xo

  • MamaTina

    There’s a website with a ton of recipes for spa treatments. I love going there and creating as well as pampering. I normally google homemade spa treatments. I’ve tried the chocolate mask among others.


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