Simple Ways You Can Go Green

As moms, some of us wince at the idea of going eco-friendly. It’s too expensive, it’s too much trouble, it will require me to change what I all ready have or do in my house or it takes too much time. I was and am the same way. But come to think of it, being more earth friendly doesn’t have to be that difficult. How about a list of 20 simple ways to be more eco-conscious?
  1. Wash clothes in cold. It saves energy since water doesn’t need to be heated. It doesn’t matter what the tag says, I wash all my clothes in cold water and have had no problem with shrinking or colors running or misshaping.
  2. Use towels instead of paper towels. The amount of mess my kids make during meal times is ridiculous. I use wash cloths instead of napkins or paper towels to clean them and the mess. I keep a stack on hand next to the high chair. I still use napkins when we have company over and paper towels, just not as often.
  3. Reusable grocery bags. My first thought, I purchase too much groceries to fit in those bags. Then my usual grocery store had a deal where if I purchased a certain products I get free reusable grocery bags. I stocked up on them and keep them in the trunk of my car. I use it for groceries or even packing a picnic. And the bags hold surprisingly large amount of stuff.
  4. Recycle electronics. Technology come and go. So before tossing electronics in the trash, search for the nearest electronic recycling place to drop cell phones, batteries, computers, laptops and so forth.
  5. Use energy saving bulbs. It does save energy. And they have improved quite a bit within the last few years. I have been slowly replacing my dead old bulbs with the energy saving ones.
  6. Don’t let the water run. Be conscious of when you are watering the yard. Best in the morning or night when the sun is down so it doesn’t evaporate the water before the plants can absorb it. Also when you are cooking, doing dishes, brushing teeth and showering.
  7. Program your thermostat. Winter heat at 68 degrees and summer air conditioning at 78 degrees. That is hard for me to do because 68 degrees is still pretty cold in the freezing winter months and 78 degrees can be hot in the humid summer months. But this saves energy and money.
  8. Use a dishwasher. Energy starred dishwashers use less water than washing by hand. So let the machine do the work.
  9. Unplug what is not being used. Even with things are not being used, if it is plugged in, it uses a slight amount of energy. So go unplugged.
  10. Save jars and containers. I keep glass jars (jelly, salsa, baby food) and use them to contain craft supplies. I save the gallon size ice cream containers from after a party to hold toys with many pieces.
  11. Wear it out. Refashioning and repurposing is popular right now. That’s awesome because it is a great way to save money on clothes and reuse old stuff.
  12. Go paperless. Request to go paperless with your monthly bills. Less stuff for you to sort through when you receive the mail. Many online bank sites allow you to receive alerts when an eBill has been received. Sometimes it is as simple as checking a box online to go paperless or call the billing company asking for eBill options.
  13. Switch to low flow shower heads. You won’t notice that much of a difference in the shower pressure but your monthly water bill will notice a difference.
  14. Refill printer inks. Don’t throw away empty ink cartridges. You can take it to office supply stores, Walgreens or order online refills for ink cartridges. We tried it out and it works great. Easy instructions on how to refill and much cheaper too.
  15. Have a swap with friends. Before hauling stuff to Goodwill, call your friends to see if any of them may be interested in any of your items. Or have a swap, your goods for their goods.
  16. Borrow. I have friends with kids older than mine. So I borrowed toys from them, such as a toy walker. Their kids were too old for it. And my kids played with it for a couple of months then were done with it.
  17. Black out blinds or shades. Not only will they help your kids sleep in a little longer, they will also save energy when the sun is shining directly on your house.
  18. Water bottles. Get a good water bottle that you can refill instead of buying water in bottles.
  19. Reuse gift wraps. Get creative with wrapping gifts. Reuse magazine pages, brown paper bags and even fabric. Here are a list of more ideas for eco-friendly gift wraps.
  20. Turn off the computer. Screen savers do not save energy. So when your computer is not in use, put it in sleep mode or turn it off before going to bed.

» Tell me… What are some ways you have gone green at home? Have you tried some of these tips listed? What was your experience like?

5 Responses to “Simple Ways You Can Go Green”

  • clair

    Awesome tips! I need some low flow shower heads, what a great idea. Thanks!

  • Nicole Robinson

    I need those reusable grocery bags… About 20 of them, the way the hubby shops.

    • Tiffany

      yeah, i have about 12 or so because i hate grocery shopping. so i only go like once a week to restock. maybe every other week for milk and eggs.

  • Lorrie

    Great ideas. I no longer use paper napkins. Cloth are so much prettier and greener. And I don’t iron them unless it’s for a special occasion.

  • genie

    We do all of that, except the dishwasher… But one major thing that you left off – buy used clothes! My 2 year old wears about 99% used clothes (except for shoes usually) and still looks cute. Saves money, too! Oh, and yard sales and thrift store shopping is fun!


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