Friday’s 5 at 5: Improve Your Sewing Skills

Whether you are just starting or have been sewing for years, you can improve your sewing skills by doing these simple things…

  1. Take a class. Check out your local craft store or sewing guild or specialty fabric boutiques for sewing classes. You will find sewing classes for all levels. Some advanced levels may include flat pattern drafting. Or there are classes where they make something from a fabric, like a purse or handbag. You begin and finish the project in the duration of the class.
  2. Find a friend. I have a sewing friend Emily. She has been sewing for years and is passionate about the craft. She is one who I talk to about my crazy ideas and she helps me figure out ways to make it come true. We get together every once in a while to just sew and chat. We visit craft stores and fabric stores together. We encourage each other in our sewing projects. It’s nice to have a sewing friend.
  3. Read. There are wonderful sewing books full of patterns, projects and ideas for babies, children, teens, home decor, women’s fashion and so much more. And once you get though the ones you like, try some sewing books from other countries. The Japanese have some awesome sewing books.
  4. Watch. If you are a Project Runway gal, then I don’t need to say more. Shows like that get you in the mood to sew. Not only that, but watching videos on YouTube can help you learn how to sew or make new things. I watched a video from HGTV that taught me how to clean and oil my sewing machine.
  5. Ask. When you visit the craft store or have a chance to talk to a seamstress, ask questions. There are also tons of sewing blogs. Feel free to contact the blogger and ask questions.

» Tell me… How did you learn how to sew? How do you improve your sewing skills?

3 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Improve Your Sewing Skills”

  • tina

    love your site!! i’m pretty much self taught, but i’ve found a ton of help through the internet, and especially youtube! there are so many videos on there that are so helpful. sometimes all you need is to see someone else do it! it’s a lot more helpful than reading hehe. but i have learned so much from all the wonderful tutorials out there. thanks internet people who take the time to teach others! <3 you all!

  • Steph

    My mom taught me how to sew and from there we’ve been figuring out things together. We recently purchased a sewing machine which came with lessons and we’re loving all the new things we’re learning. I’m also grateful for blogs like yours that teach others. Thanks! And oh how I’d love to find a local sewing friend. My mom lives 1.5 hours away so we can’t always sew together.

  • Mary Beth

    I pretty much taught myself to sew, and have used the internet to teach myself. I love sewing blogs, they are my life savers! Ha! I have a friend that I hope to have over soon, that loves to sew, also. I guess you can call her my “soon to be sewing buddy.”


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