Mommy Moments Photo Contest Votes

All entries for the Mommy Moments Photo Contest were stunning. I had such an amusing time going through your photos entries. Thank you so much for sharing with me your mommy moments. These photos will brighten your day. Now tell all your friends and family to come vote for your photo or vote for their favorite photo.

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How To Vote

Please vote for your favorite mommy moment photo by leaving a comment below with the entry number you like. And only one vote per person please. Feel free to rally all your friends and family to come vote too. Only those comments with one entry number vote will count. You can leave a comment with your vote, but please only pick one entry as your vote. Simple enough right? Voting will end this Sunday, May 16 at 10 p.m. EST. And winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 19. Good luck to everyone!

Mommy Moments Photo Entries

There were a total of 27 photo entries! The layout goes entry number, their name, their blog (if they have one), description of the photo and the photo. Please check to make sure you are voting for the right photo because there is only one vote per person.

Entry #1: Vicky at Secret Mom Thoughts

This is a photo of my daughter hugging my belly when I was 9 months pregnant with my son. I treasured all those moments knowing things were about to get a lot more hectic with two. Now hugs resemble a pig pile with two.

Entry #2: Tina

This is a picture of my kids together at the park. They look so sweet and cute, the truth is I took almost 300 pictures that day to get that one photo of them together.

Entry #3: Tess

This picture was taken right after my son was born. I had to be induced because there were complications with my pregnancy and I love that the picture captures both the exhaustion and utter joy of the day.

Entry #4: Susan

This is my son James delighting in his niece (our first grandchild) Norah. The proud papa Seth is behind, I love they way they share identical expressions.

Entry #5: Sharla

When I chose to stay home with my first child, I was criticized for “playing” with him. Now, I count my blessings every day that I am a mom who plays with her kids.

Entry #6: Sarah

My 2-year-old son Liam was trying to be helpful by cleaning some windows prior to his uncle’s wedding.

Entry #7: Robin at Tales From Tangerine

This looks like your typical birthday photo, but it is one of my “mommy moments” that makes it all worthwhile. The birthday girl is my daughter, Ellany, and she is autistic. She is surrounded by her classmates, who love and accept her just the way she is!

Entry #8: Rachelle

It was hard to make Makayla’s first ever trip to Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals in Saint Louis due to the fact I ended up having to work 12 hours that morning. Seeing that smile on her face made it all totally worth it!!

Entry #9: Pam at The Weber Family

Being a mom means trusting your mommy instincts and sometimes that means being your child’s biggest advocate when it comes to their health! Even though I felt like I was throwing my little boy to the wolves as he was wheeled back for surgery, I knew having his tonsils/adenoids taken out would help him sleep (as he was suffering with sleep apnea). Being a mommy is doing what is best for your children (even if it is hard sometimes) and now watching him sleep soundly through the night, without having difficulty breathing, makes my mommy instincts do a happy dance!

Entry #10: Mary S

Here is a pic of my twin girls, Lauren and Ava. “Surprise, Mama!” When you thought that we were napping, we gave ourselves haircuts and put on your makeup to look pretty just like you!

Entry #11: Mary J

My darling 2-year-old Izzy fell asleep wrapped in her towel while I was getting dressed. We both had just taken a shower after she threw up all over both of us in the middle of the night. Crazy enough, I still feel lucky to be her mom.

Entry #12: Marian at The Buttars: Sayin’ It Out Loud

My son learned to walk late, so when we went to the local Splash Pad last summer, I had to hold his hands so he could walk around and play in the water.  Needless to say, he was not the only one who got wet!  What a fun mommy memory!

Entry #13: Mari at Small For Big

This photo of me letting go and getting all giggly with Wren’s camera-grabbing antics reminds me why I love being momma – it’s for all the little momma moments that never get caught on film!

Entry #14: Lora

In these young days, when I get called “Mommy” at least 800 times an hour, it’s nice to remember the Great Expectations of being Mommy.  I cling to the hope that my time invested looking down at the little people, tripping over toys, and rubbing my belly will be rewarded.  I invest in my children now, as Mommy, so that they will become God-honoring grown-ups one day.  This picture reminds me of all of those joys, hopes, and expectations rolled up into one moment.

Entry #15: Leslie at Always Aloha

My husband took this picture about a year ago. I was trying to “herd” my kids back into the house after our daily walk to the mailbox, but they were running in opposite directions… until finally I just picked them both up and walked home. Although it’s not the best picture of me, the kids were laughing (so was the hubby) and I love this picture because it really depicts my life right now! Plus that’s about 60-65lbs worth of wiggling kids I’m hauling around– I’m a mommy! Hear me ROAR! 🙂

Entry #16: Lesli at The Mighty Mom

I snapped this picture of my twin girls the other day at the park. They were sitting on a curb and Sydney reached over and gave Skyler a big heart-melting kiss. I love seeing how much they love each other. Those are my best mommy moments!

Entry #17: Kelly at Kelly Loves

My son Kai, 3, and I blew bubbles outside for over an hour the other day waiting for dinner to cook. Having the time of our lives, we laughed and chased the bubbles. Simple moments like this one is why I wanted to become a mother.

Entry #18: Jenny

Although this isn’t a typical ‘crazy mommy moment,’ it is a rare one in my home. This wiggly and independent bundle of joy doesn’t cuddle anymore, so I’ve found the rare naps together just as precious as her fun and wild moments! I cherish my hour or two that I get to snuggle my growing baby!

Entry #19: Jennifer

It was quiet, and very little good comes with quiet when you have a toddler running around the house. I peaked in the bathroom and found my daughter on the bathroom counter getting into my makeup. I quickly grabbed my camera and when I called her name to snap a picture she gave me “the look.” My daughter is turning 14 years old this summer and going into high school next fall, and all these years later I still sometimes get “the look.”

Entry #20: Jaimie at Yes Mom

What makes me the mom that I am is that I am always goofy, no matter what it makes me look like. My children will always remember that I was laughing and being funny so that they could laugh and be funny.

Entry #21: Hayley

While this is not the most flattering or best quality pics, it is one of my favs, of me and my son. We had just gone out to dinner and I took him out into the grassy area to get some wiggles out. He loves to wrestle so we did.

Entry #22: Emily M

Me (aka “Mommy”), in the shower. Need I say more?

Entry #23: Emily L

This was taken on St Patrick’s Day. Lily loved her green eggs and green milk. It was a simple thing, but it made her so happy. And those my favorite – the little things I do that make her smile and make her think I’m the best.

Entry #24: Ebannie at Ebannie Vo

This picture is taken by me last weekend at our neighbors house. We told Noah to draw a mustache on his face but he thought he looked better with a beard. We all died laughing when he came back. I ? this little guy!!

Entry #25: Dave

Helping mom water her flowers on Mother’s Day.

Entry #26: Cynthia

Off to school, first day of kintergarden…  Awwww.

Entry #27: Alyssa

No matter what we do, we can not protect them from everything…

» Tell me… Which entry photo was your favorite mommy moment? Why?

351 Responses to “Mommy Moments Photo Contest Votes”

  • Lesli

    Those are all great! Of course I like mine, but I also love the mommy moment of watching your baby head to the first day of kindergarten. And the last one mad me LOL!

  • Pam

    They were all so sweet, funny, and definitely are special mommy moments but we are pulling for our own at #9!

  • Jennie Ferguson

    #15 was my favorite because I have 6 month old twins and a 2 yr old and this is a very common sight around the house and especially every week at church as my 2 yr old always make a run for the pulpit when my husband are both busy holding one baby already.

  • kendra

    #16! You can’t help but say awwww…. 🙂

  • Nicole Robinson

    I loved all of them, and it is so hard to choose! But I think #3 touched me the deepest.

  • melissa

    #15 is my favorite. Who hasn’t been there. The best part is the little green flip flop on the ground!

  • sarah buki

    My vote is for #6 because I have to vote for my son because he is just so darn cute!

  • Pam love

    I love #16. It’s so cute how the little girls show love and the facial expression is priceless.

  • Marsha

    #9 is definitely my choice. What a sweet picture!!

  • Jade @ No Longer 25

    Number 3 gets my vote – it just says so much in one photo. I hope one day that I can experience that feeling of exhaustion and joy!

  • Cindy

    I have twins and love it when they have special moments like that, my vote is for # 16. Very sweet.

  • Lauren

    I’m voting for #15. Real life captured in a photograph.

  • Marilyn Rodgers