Project 52: Healthy Eating

We had a busy weekend. Nathan had his MBA graduation on Saturday. Technically he still has his toughest semester this summer, but he walked early. I’m so proud of him. He finished a 3 1/2 year program in only 2 years! And now back to date night…

Date night planning is now back to me. I am glad I only have to do this every other month. It’s nice to get a planning break. For this date night, I thought we could use an educational one. Nathan and I have been meaning to exercise and lose a few pounds. I would like to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight by losing 10 pounds. That was what I had left after birthing two kids. And Nathan wanted to lose about 15 pounds also from my pregnancies. You know how guy sympathy eats with his pregnant wife. That was Nathan. But he didn’t have nursing to help him drop a few pounds. Lesson #1: It’s nice to lose weight with someone. We can encourage and support each other.

So then for date night, we talked about our eating habits and how to count carbs. When I was pregnant with Elle, I had borderline gestational diabetes. I attended a class that taught me how to eat to prevent diabetes and have a healthy pregnancy. So I got out some of the educational booklets I received from the class and we went over that for date night. It was a nice refresher for me and educational for Nathan. We eat pretty healthy around our household. But we can do better about our portion sizes and spreading out our food intake to six small meals a day rather than three hefty meals a day. Lesson #2: What we learned is that when you watch your carb intake, it helps with calorie intake too.

Now we’re not going to completely cut out carb. I could never do that. I love carbs. We are mostly going to watch what we eat, how often and how much. Then we are also going to add some exercise to our somewhat sedentary life. Exercise is hard for the both of us because he likes to play sports while I like to take aerobics classes. What we’ve been trying to do together is P90X for exercise. Not so much their meal plans. It was a different type of date, but it was nice to discuss these things together. We were able to find ways to encourage each other in this endeavor. Lesson #3: Having an educational date and teach you new things about each other too.

Nathan said: This was an interesting date. Tiffany was essentially the teacher (since she had taken the class) and I the student asking questions. This date wasn’t romantic or extremely fun but it was reaffirming to both of us that we have similar goals and by working together we can accomplish them.

» Tell me… Do you exercise with your spouse? Ever try to lose weight? What has worked for you?

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6 Responses to “Project 52: Healthy Eating”

  • MamaTina

    Joel and I used to play racquetball together and probably would still play now if we made it a priority. I’ve lost weight before with all sorts of programs, the most frustrating being SlimFast and the most successful being a bible study called The Lord’s Table. I currently need to start exercising again, as I gained way too much weight after a surgery. Good luck!

  • Secret Mom Thoughts

    My hubby never needs to lose weight but he does try to help me by not snacking as much when I need to lose weight. Your date sounded good because you both have the same goal and are helping each other.

  • Shauna

    I really like what Nathan said at the end of the post there. That’s so true.. and it’s such a great feeling to know that you can support each other in achieving your goals – especially when they’re similar.
    My husband and I enjoy throwing around a frisbee and he has now convinced me to play Ultimate with him, which is a lot of fun. We’re mostly at different paces when it comes to other workouts like the gym or running, but we definitely still support each other. My current goal is to lose 5-8lbs to fit into my summer clothes from last year! Not going so well, but it’s a day at a time!

  • overtiredmum

    Clever Nathan! He must have worked very hard to finish so early.

    It’s good to talk, no matter about what. Good luck with the diet xo

  • cheree

    My husband and I love hiking together and we take walks. We encourage each other with our eating habits. Good luck with doing the weight loss program together,


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