Project 52: Read a Book

Just to prove that we are just like everyone else. I almost missed this date night. Almost as in it was Sunday afternoon around 5 o’clock on our drive to my parents’ house when I said to Nathan, “Oh, no. We still haven’t had date night this week. I guess we’ll have to do something when we get home tonight.” Lesson #1: There are no super couples out there. We are all the same in the sense that we have good weeks and bad weeks.

The reason why we missed date night on Friday night was because we had friends who came into town that evening and stayed with us through the weekend for Nathan’s 30th birthday party. So when we got home late Sunday night and put the kids down to bed, it was about 10 p.m. Too tired from everything and the house was a mess. We left it that way. We cuddled and read together from my new book, Linchpin. We got through the first 16 pages only. But that was because we had a great discussion. Nathan loves books like this. And we were applying it to our lives and our personal situations. Lesson #2: Reading a book together is a great way to bring up discussions.

Nathan said: Even with a super busy weekend we were able to still find some time to be together and have date night. I like talking about Tiffany’s blog with her and so reading the first couple pages of Linchpin provided a lot of topics for discussion.

» Tell me… Have you read books together as a couple before? What do you like or dislike about reading a book with someone?

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5 Responses to “Project 52: Read a Book”

  • Shauna

    Well, my accented ‘e’ in my link title there didn’t work out. Sorry!
    Anyways, I think it’s a great idea to read a book together. My Nathan and I have never done that, and hey, he’s a pretty big fan of Seth Godin, so I may just have to get him that book and do some cuddly reading too!

  • Jb

    We’ve read some books together. Early on in our marriage they were not thought provoking books (V.C. Andrews…yikes, what were we thinking?), but it was still fun. It’s been awhile since we read something together. I think one thing that is a deterrent is that I’m a little self-conscious of reading aloud…probably because after years of reading to the kids I think I sound a little like I’m reading a children’s book. (Dumb, I know).

  • Esther

    My brother had a long distance relationship with the woman he later married, and he found that after long conversations on the phone every day they ran out of things to tell each other. Because of this they both chose a book, and took turns to read it aloud to each other over the phone. I always thought it was a cute idea.


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