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I was excited when Tara emailed me about Project 52: Date Nights. First of all, I love it when readers email me with feedback about SMM. That’s how I try to make things better here. And second, it introduced me to her site, The Dating Divas. If I ever want ideas for fun dates, group dates or even party ideas, I will now be referring to The Dating Divas. So I am excited for Tara to share with you some of the fun dates they have been doing over there. And I’m guest posting today about Project 52: Date Nights on their site today. Without further ado, here’s Tara who simply said…

I am so excited to be guest blogging here at Simply Modern Mom! I love her Project 52 and I am so glad she is over at our blog today introducing it to our readers! If you have committed to her Project 52, then you are gonna love this post! My name is Tara and I am married to Jamie… One good-lookin’ man who is my perfect match!  I am also one of the 12-member blogging team over at The Dating Divas.

We ALL know life can get pretty crazy. We fall in love, get married and think we are going to live happily ever after.

Then comes the careers, meetings, yard work, kids, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, bills, illness, stress, etc. We forget to slow down and count our blessings and focus on the person we decided to spend the rest of our lives with. We forget to continue dating our spouses.

We are a group of fun-loving friends… er… I mean… DIVAS who adore our husbands and want to make sure that we always keep our relationship with that significant other a top priority.

We post a brand new fun and creative date each week. We also post marriage tips, creative gift tutorials and anything we feel has enhanced our own marriages. It has been SUCH a blast doing this blog with my friends and the men in our lives are lovin’ it!

I thought I would do a list today of six different types of dates you can do with your spouse, or significant other. I guess you could call it, “What kind of mood are you in?” {WINK} Since we are such a diverse group of divas, we all came up with completely different dates. The list below highlights different ones that could possibly fit the mood you are in.


We have traveled to a few of these places. Can you guess which ones?

Do you love to travel but it’s just not quite in the budget right now? Or you only have 1 free night? Why not bring the feel of an exotic place into your very own home? You could travel to India with Kari’s A Taste of India idea. And believe me, you will definitely get to taste!  She has a list of Indian recipes you can print off that are delicious. If that’s not really your style, you could take a trip to Italy with Erika’s Bella Notte idea. Your Italian stallion would love the Italian cuisine, renaissance culture and foreign film. If you are craving the urge to go to the ocean and jump on a cruise ship, check out Bridget’s Cruisin’ To The Caribbean In Our Love Boat date. She brought the sea to her sweetie in a very fun way.


A sweet surprise that my husband left for me.

I absolutely love surprises, as long as they are good ones! Here are three ways you could surprise your spouse. If he has had a rough week, try Cami’s Spa Night idea. I just did this last week with my own husband and he loved it. If you just don’t have a night free but the morning are open, Charlene came up with a great date called, A Morning Just For Him. She created adorable cards telling him all the reasons why she loved him. Accompanied by breakfast, of course. I absolutely love this last one. For the ultimate surprise, try Kiirsten’s Kidnap & Hi’jack date. Her downloadable warning note is pretty cute!

Memory Lane

Our wedding.

It’s always nice to take a step back and reflect on the past. Take a little stroll down memory lane. Where did you meet each other? How far have you come as a couple since then? What were your first impressions of each other? Lisa P. put together a date of Firsts. A walk down memory lane of all the “first” things you did together. Then, Corie recently recreated her actual First Date. Check out her ideas on how she put hers together. She even tried to wear a similar outfit.


We have done half of these things.

If you are more of an adventurous type of person, which is so up my alley, then this is the section for you. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? I used to read them all the time when I was a kid, thus inspiring the Choose Your Own Adventure date! Plenty of downloads included in this one. If you love to laugh, then try the Funky Town date. We laughed so hard the entire night. Both of these were great group dates. In fact, I would probably only try the Funky Town date with a group. Safety in numbers. If you are a little more conservative, but still adventurous, Kristen came up with a great date called, Discover A New Town Together. It’s a great way to enjoy the areas that are close to where you live.


My adorable niece and nephew.

Everyone needs to bring out the kid in them once in a while. Corie came up with the perfect way to do that with her All I Really Need To Know About Love I Learned In Kindergarten date!  She even includes the cookie monster as a treat. MMmm! If you and your spouse are into comedy, Kiirsten totally brings out the laughter in her Just For Da Funnavit date. She gives a little background info which makes her little pranks even better. With the Winter Olympics not too far behind us, Wendy decided to work it into her theme and surprised her husband with a Spring Olympics date! She included a download with all of her creative ideas on how to try out different sports in a fun way. Kristen is going to post another date next Monday that will fit under the active label. So come on over next week to check it out.

Traditional Twist

Notice the fine print?

Last, but not least,  the traditional date dinner and a movie. Lisa M. spiced up their dinner and a movie date with her spin on Date Night. If you haven’t already seen that movie, check out her ideas on how you can change things up a little.

Hopefully this will give you a BUNCH of ideas for your future Project 52 dates! Brand new creative dates are posted weekly. So come on over and check us out over at The Dating Divas!

Happy Dating!

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  • Andrea Graf

    Love, Actually is full of really great date night ideas as well, for Valentines, I used her site to create my own version of her date of the month club, my DH loved it.

  • Chrissy

    I love your wedding gown! It’s been hard to find a dress that has sleeves! Can you give me more info on who made it, where it was purchased?
    And LOVE your dating ideas.

    • Tara

      Hey Chrissy! It’s Tara from The Dating Divas. I loved my wedding dress, too! {WINK} I dragged my soon-to-be-husband to a wedding expo which featured a fashion show of wedding dresses. When THIS dress was marched down the runway….we both gasped and looked at each other! PERFECT!! I about died! I was lucky, finding a dress that easily! It’s a Maggie Sottero dress and it comes without sleeves. I had a seamstress add on the sleeves….and she did a great job – you couldn’t tell it was originally without them! It’s pretty hard nowadays to find dresses with sleeves….so I would recommend finding a dress you are in LOVE with….and then add them on.

      I also went into the bridal store that sold Maggie Sottero dresses and tried this one on – it’s called the “Brittaya”….and on her website – it’s PINK!! Her dresses are super expensive…so after I figured out what size I was, we got on ebay and found a place that sold her dresses for a killer price! You should totally check out her website…her dresses are AMAZING! She has come out with a lot of beautiful designs since we were married! Mine was a two-piece, lace-up back….and I felt like a princess! 🙂

      Good luck! Luvs, Tara

  • Cat

    Thank you for sharing their site!!!!! I can’t stop reading all the great ideas there. 🙂


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