Skirt Week

Skirt week on Simply Modern Mom. Need I say more?

This season especially, I am loving skirts for myself and my girls. Kaye loves fashioning skirts. Elle looks adorable in skirts. And for me, well, skirts are a lot cooler to wear in these hot humid months. Also, skirts are super simple to sew. I will be posting tutorials of skirts all week long. With a Simply Said guest, Destri from The Mother Huddle. She’s awesome. So get excited!

I know I’ve been so girly here on Simply Modern Mom. That’s because I have two girly girls and no boys. But don’t worry. I’m learning to get out of my comfort zone and maybe venture into some boys stuff soon. We’ll see what I can come up with.

OK, enough about that. First skirt tutorial will be publish in an hour! We begin with a ruffled ballet skirt. Until then, please visit some of my sponsors. They are what helps to keep this blog going. See their buttons on the right.

I also wanted to thank fellow blogger friends for featuring my retro ruffle pillowcase dress from a couple weeks ago. I’m glad everyone liked it. I came up with a second retro pillowcase dress. I hope to get to it after skirt week.

Retro Ruffle Pillowcase Dress was also featured at…

Thanks for all the blog love!

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