Reversible Skirt Tutorial

This is a great skirt for traveling or when you or your child spills something on the skirt just minutes after putting it on. Believe me. It has happened to me many times. As soon as I get my children dressed, they manage to get a stain on it immediately. With the reversible skirt, I would just flip over to the other side. And done.

OK, so if you are super observant, you’ll notice that one side of the skirt is the exact same fabric as my traveling placemat. That is because the fabrics I used for this skirt and the placemat were from twin size bed sheets I found at the thrift store. I love repurposing bed sheets. It is also cheap fabric because I can usually find a twin size sheet for $5.95 and at this particular thrift store, I have 50 percent off coupons for my entire purchase.

Remember even though I made the skirts for my daughter, you can make adult size of these skirts. I show you how to draft your own skirt pattern so you can make one for yourself. If you make something using this tutorial, please upload pictures of it in our Flickr group to show it off to everyone. You may be featured on Simply Modern Mom.


  • 4 different fabrics
  • matching thread
  • 1-inch wide elastic
  • sewing needle
  • skirt pattern (go to link to learn how to draft pattern for this skirt)

1. Trace and cut out pattern on the fabrics. Make sure you have 2 of each piece in each color.

2. Do a basting stitch to the top of all skirt pieces. Then gather it to fit the bottom of the waistband pieces. Do to all 4 pieces.

3. Pin the skirt piece to the bottom of the waistband piece with the right sides together. Then sew at 1/2 seam. Then iron flat. Do to all four waist-skirt matching pieces.

4. Match the sides of the skirt pieces with the same colors. Pin in place then sew at 1/2 inch seam from top of waistband to bottom of skirt. But on one side of one of the skirts, leave an inch opening at the top of the waistband for the elastic to go through later. So essentially, you end up with two skirts.

5. Match the skirts right sides together. Like in the picture, on skirt is on the inside with the right side out, then cover with second skirt with right side in.

6. Sew around the top of the skirt at 1/2 inch seam. When you pull the skirts out, it should look like the picture below. Then flip one of the skirts inside the other and iron the top.

7. Next we work on the bottom of the skirt. Iron the bottom 1/2 inch seam into the inside of the skirt. Then match with the second skirt and sew as close to the edge as you can on the outside of the skirt.

8. For the elastic band, sew the bottom of the elastic casing over the top of the skirt at 1 1/4 inch from the top of the skirt. Remember, you should have an opening for the elastic.

9. Slip the elastic through. Using a safety pin will help. Then sew the two ends of the elastic together.

10. Whipstitch the opening close and you’re done!

Β» Tell me… Do you own a reversible skirt? Or reversible any pieces of clothing? Aren’t they nice?
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13 Responses to “Reversible Skirt Tutorial”

  • anne maskell

    your blog and tutorials are a pleasure to read. the little skirts (and your girls!) are adorable! I feel very inspired right now!

  • Jessica

    Adorable! I love this skirt, I just might be making one for my daughter. It’s genius to have it reversible!

  • Jade @ Tasting Grace

    Very cute!! I love reversible skirts. I’m waiting for my sewing machine to get back from the repair shop. I’d love to try this! I happen to have two reversible wrap skirts. I love how versatile they are.

  • Cook Clean Craft

    It really isn’t that difficult, is it? Looks like I’ll be making myself a reversible skirt (think I’ll make a wrap skirt to accommodate my expanding belly). Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Ginnie

    I LOVE this-the whole week! I too, love using bedsheets! Is the side with green and pink also a sheet? If not, where did you get that adorable print?! Thanks so much for all your ideas!

  • Stacey

    The little skirts you create are so adorable! I’ve lost interest in sewing, but you just brought me back! Thank you. I look forward to your future creations.

  • Elena Carey

    Adding a thick lace or ruffle ribbon between the layers at the bottom can help hide the other side from poking through. πŸ™‚ Cute cute!


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