Adventures of Modern Mom: Poopy Balls

This new segment is me sharing crazy stories from my life for you to laugh at, related to and perhaps cry along. Hopefully through Adventures of Modern Mom, you’ll see that I’m just like you. I don’t wear the Super Mom costume under my clothes. And my kids are just like yours.

Also, feel free to include your own Adventures of Modern Mom stories in the comments. We are all modern moms and we all have stories. It’s fun to share them so we can feel like we’re not the only ones being driven to insanity by our husband and children. Sometimes by other moms and their kids too. As you can imagine, there will be lots of poop, pee, accidents and other uncomfortable words being used in these stories. And this is where you learn about the not-so-pretty side of me.

Adventures of Modern Mom Episode 1: Poopy Balls

Tuesday, June 8. Elle was fully dressed during the day. She had one poopy diaper that got a little on her shorts. So that came off and I let her run around the house in a shirt and diaper. It wasn’t like we were going anywhere that day. Plus I thought it was kind of cute.

Tuesday night, Nathan was gone. The kids were fed. After dinner, I took off Elle’s shirt because she wiped her grimy hands all over it. It’s OK if she’s only in a diaper. It’s not like we were going anywhere that night. Plus I was about to put them in the tub right after I clean the kitchen.

Then it happened. Elle pooped for the third time that day and this time it got out of the diaper. Although I didn’t notice until Kaye said, “Mom! Elle got poop in the ball pit.”

What?! I ran in the playroom. How is that possible?! Sure enough. There was runny poo in the ball pit. It had leaked out of her diaper caused by overflow.

Remove child from the mess. Try to clean the ball with sanitary wipes and dry it with paper towels. I soon realized this was an impossible task due to the amount of poop and balls in the pit. Meanwhile, Kaye yells, “Mom! Elle got poop on her blanket.” Arg!

Grab the blanket and try to rinse off the poop before it stains. This is her favorite blanket. The one she needs to sleep with. So off to the laundry it goes. By now it’s 7:15, less than an hour away from bed time. I toss a few other dirty clothes in with the blanket.

I go back to tossing balls from the ball pit into a couple containers I found in the kitchen. Wiping down ball by ball took way too long. I thought I could wash them in the tub with the kids. Elle, still in her leaking diaper sat on the first step of our carpeted stairs. Dang! I grabbed the source of the problem and clean her up. Didn’t even put on a new diaper. Yup. She’s going around in her birthday suit. I’m was going to put her in the tub as soon as I finish separating the pool of 500 balls– poopy from the non-poopy.

I hauled both kids upstairs headed straight for the tub. Tossed them in with the balls. They enjoyed that. Switched the laundry from wash to dryer. Got everything back to normal. When Nathan arrived home late that night, I realized I had forgotten about to poop on the stairs. He was kind enough to help me take care of that.

Β» Tell me… What’s your latest kids and poop story? No kids? What about pet and poop story? Pets. They’re like kids, right?

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  • Jennifer Crawley

    My husband was enjoying his first week of summer vacation (he’s a teacher) at home with our 18 month old daughter. He hears her whining from the kitchen. He thinks she can’t reach something so he just calls for her to come into the living room. when she comes in the other room, she is covered in thick, black poop everywhere! she had just had her 18 month shots earlier in the day, so he thought maybe she had a reaction … no, the dog had explosive diarrhea in the kitchen and she decided to “paint” with it. only when she wanted to be clean did she start whining! not a fun beginning to summer for daddy!!! πŸ™‚ lucky for mommy, i was at work!

  • YourfriendCourtney

    I came home after a nice relaxing afternoon to a really bad smell. As I walked down the stairs into our apartment it became evident that the smell was poop. My first reaction was that one of the dogs had an accident on the floor because no dogs were to be found and when they get in trouble they are put into the bathroom for a bit. Well, not only were no dogs to be found but no hubby either. I kept calling and calling for him and then I stopped dead in my tracks………there on the side of the couch was a mustard colored substance SMEARED all across the bottom and up to the cushions. Was that poop? Is that the source of the smell? Oh my gosh, yes that IS poop! How did the dogs get poop on the side of the couch? Such a mystery…..where is my hubby?? Oh I found my hubby, he was in the bedroom with his shirt over his nose and he was making gagging noises. He was toweling off and dressing our kid. Apparently it wasnt dog poop. The kid had a really bad poopie diaper and had leaned up against the couch and squished it out and then proceeded to rub his butt all around the side of the couch because he was dancing to the show he was watching. Poor hubby, he was so grossed out. Had to bath the kid and put the dogs up so they wouldn’t eat it(so GROSS!). I didn’t help the situation either because I thought it was funny and took pictures to put up on facebook of my hubby’s horrible poop incident. hee hee hee

    • Tiffany

      i remember that, court! your husband is a wimp like mine. nathan does the same with poop and puke.

  • Kerstin

    HAHAHAHA. Very funny. Thanks for sharing. My story doesn’t involve poop, but a baby running around in his diaper only. Same thing the other day, took off his shorts, just in a t-shirt and diaper. I was painting a bench on my porch and he “helped”. He rubbed his hands on the bench and then itched his head (we have gnats really bad). So I took off his shirt so he wouldn’t get paint on it. Figured, no big deal, we aren’t going any where, and he’s about to get in the bath. Well all of a sudden, the dogs got out and were chasing a neighbor dog down the street, so my daughters go running after them. My phone rings, so i run in to see if its my other daughter needing picked up. Go walking outside to find my neighbor walking baby from the middle of the street. Not only was he only in a diaper, no shoes, but his diaper was saggy, his bum crack was showing, he had paint in his hair and his knees were filthy from crawling on the asphalt (he doesn’t like to step off the driveway, so he crawls backwards off of it like a step). He pretty much looked homeless, poor baby. Luckily, my neighbor has twins that are only 6 months older than him, so I didn’t get judged!!!

    Those are the things that make life fun, right?

    • Tiffany

      yes. these are the stories that make mothers such a tight knit community. we can all relate. πŸ™‚

  • Speakaboo

    I had an 18 month old in cloth diapers, and a 4 month old puppy at the same time. My daughter was just getting into colouring with crayons, and the puppy needed constant attention so I gated them in the craft room together with me while I did some sewing.

    The next morning, I opened my daughter’s diaper to see rainbow flecks in her poop. Totally confused, it took a few minutes to remember the crayons from the day before. While my back was turned she must have mistook them for teething toys. Great.

    A few minutes later I let the dog back in from her morning romp in the back yard. I went out to clean up the inevitable dog mess, and was greeted with a back yard of little rainbow poops. My daughter had shared her crayon treat with the puppy.

    I watched them extra super close from then on. πŸ˜‰

    • Tiffany

      that is so funny. i lol! are you glad they’re non-toxic now?

  • Sarah Kay

    Tiffany, I just can’t leave you hanging with that story! My 2 yr old is battling a little tummy bug at the moment, so as you can imagine I have had my share of poop and spit-up stories this week. But yesterday took the cake. She cried out after a nap and as I walked down the hall I smelled it before I was 10 feet away. Oh boy! Not only had it leaked out everywhere, she had also rolled onto her tummy to sleep (she doesn’t usually) and so it was all up her front, up to her chin. Into the bathtub she went, sheets and clothes in the washer, but that smell… it took awhile to air out the house.

    • Tiffany

      sarah, i feel your pain. at the beginning of this year, my little elle had major stomach bug that lasted over a month. it was so sad how raw her little bum got. hope your 2 yr old is feeling better!

  • Emily

    When my second was still a baby she had an explosion in the middle of the main meeting of church. We had no idea it was her because we had thought that the smell was coming from behind us. Then her dad checked her out just to make sure and it had spread up all her back, onto him and his suit and to me and my dress all while hubby and I were checking to see if she was the problem of the smell.

    Or having a potty training boy leave a trail of balls of poop across the floor of the living room because they had fallen out of his diaper or underwear at the time. That happened twice.

    • Tiffany

      yes. i’ve had poop experiences at church too.

  • Erin R

    Its not a poop story, but a pee story. My hubby is very sweet and decided to take our almost 2 year old daughter out to a hockey game. They love going to sports games together and always have a good time and mommy gets some me time. While they were doing that I decided to have dinner and drinks with a couple we’re friends with. I leisurely got ready and put on a cute sundress and cowboy boots. I have a great time with my friends and then get a call from my hubby that they’re done at the game and can they join us and I say “Sure.” When they get there I realize my daughter’s shirt is soaked with juice and he says, “we didn’t have a spare in her bag.” We were sitting outside and its was just beginning to get dark I figured it’d dry pretty quick. She was happily sitting on my lap when I felt it. My hubby hadn’t put her diaper on straight after the last change and pee was quickly dribbling down my leg, and filling up my boot with pee . . . thank god for socks. As smoothly as possible I pick up my daughter and say, “Hey, she’s getting tired, I have to go.” At the car, I take off my shoes and socks, my daughter’s diaper, socks, already wet shirt, and shorts. Wipe everybody down with wet wipes and put a clean diaper on. She rides home in her diaper and me with no shoes, but no one is the wiser.

    • Tiffany

      the things we do as moms. catching pee in our boots. you’ll have to remind your daughter of that when she’s a mom.

  • Naturally Single Mom

    Not necessarily my most recent poop story, but my favorite is the day that my 6 month old pooped that nice, runny, not-yet-on-solid-food poop, that spread up her back and out the leg holes. Just as we had made it to the car after shopping at Target. Oh, and it was raining. And my 84 year old grandmother was with us, and there was no way she was going to be able to walk all the way back into the store so I could change the munchkin’s diaper. She got changed on the edge of the back seat, while rain poured all over me. And since I didn’t have an extra outfit with me, she went into her carseat in just a diaper.

    Which would have been fine if we didn’t get stuck in traffic, and wouldn’t you know it, she pooped again. And it spread out everywhere, again. Except there was no clothing barrier, it just got all over the carseat. Horrible.

    When I switched to cloth diapers, the blowouts drastically decreased. The most recent with my son happened overnight, and when he woke up in the morning, he looked like he had had a mud fight.

    When my oldest was potty training, I let her run around the house naked. (We were locked into the house for two days, with a newborn, so I figured it would be a great time to just knock out this potty training business.) She “dropped a deuce” in the middle of the hallway at one point, and didn’t tell me.

    I stepped in it.

    Thank goodness, she officially potty trained in those two days, and I’ve yet to step in poop again!

    • Tiffany

      wow. that’s a lot of poop experiences. thanks for sharing them!

  • Lauren

    How about the time my dad and hubby were hanging a mirror for me in the spare bedroom. I was busy giving our 1-year-old a bath, so I didn’t realize the dog was running circles around the house because he was terrified of all the hammering. I come out of the bathroom with the clean child and there is a HUGE pile of dog poop in the hall!

    Or the time when my daughter was 5 months old and she blew her diaper out so bad that we had to cut her onesie off of her in order to avoid getting poop on her face/hair?

    Kids + pets = many, many poop stories! Isn’t life grand?

    • Tiffany

      a big reason why i don’t have a pet. i don’t think i could handle the mess. πŸ™‚

  • Janet williams

    years ago my fiend told me her story. she smelled something. She looked around and found her daughter digging poo out of her diaper smearing it on their shaggy haired dog, then digging into a jar of vasoline and smearing it on the dog. Poo and vasoline smeared all over the dog. He was loving it.

    • Tiffany

      poor dog. i bet that was hard to get out!

  • Janet Williams

    years ago i was alone in the nursery at church–my partner had to do something–It was a huge roo-half a gym– 20 kids between 18 months and 3 years. I smelled something. I saw a smear of poo on the carpet. I saw another smear. Then another and another. I grabbed kids and checked bottoms and shoes and plopped them on one side of the room while trying to find the guilty one. The kids wouldnt stay put of course. I went into hall to get help and we kept rounding up, checking and dividing until we found her…by then we had many pooy shoes to clean and many spots of poo on the floor. I said to never leave me alone in there again.

  • Janet Williams

    One more and I am done…. I was 14 and babysitting 6 kids under 9 years old. The youngest was happily playing in his playpen–safe from the others. He was about 9 months old. I was in the kitchen getting lunch for everyone. I could see the baby from the kitchen. He was scooting around in the playpen with toys. I sat kids down and everyone ate. I smelled something. I checked little ones, nothing. I went over to playpen. He was swimming in pooh–all over him and his toys and the playpen. I had to bath everything.

  • Katey

    I was dealing with morning sickness during the 1st trimester of this pregnancy. Hubby left to play football, our 2-yr-old wanted to take a bath. No problem I thought, forgetting that she hadn’t pooped yet. She kindly informed me after finishing her business in the tub. I yanked her out, drained the water and attempted cleaning it up. Wouldn’t you know poop was one of those things that set off my morning sickness?! While standing over the tub, trying to clean it, I puked in the tub. But because my gagging was so severe and pregnancy is kind like that, I also peed my pants in the process. 3 bodily functions in one quick 3-minute session.


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