Friday’s 5 at 5: Return Address Stickers

I get free ones in the mail from charitable organizations wanting donations or Disney’s movie club. I also ordered some when we first moved into our home. This was our first purchased home. So I needed returned address stickers to celebrate. Not knowing that I would get a bunch of free ones in the mail. Now loaded with a bunch of return address stickers, I found other uses for them…

  1. Movies. I label my movies. We live by my extended family and we rent from each other’s movie collections. To prevent movie loss, I stick a label inside the case. I like that it’s removable because if we want to eventually get rid of the movies or sell them in yard sales, it doesn’t have our names written in permanent ink. Hopefully the people you rent movies to won’t take advantage of that.
  2. Books. Ever in a book club? Don’t get your books mixed up with someone else’s. Or even when you’re lending the book. People will always know who and where to return it.
  3. Forms. Rather than writing out name and address on forms, I just stick one of these on the forms. Example: bank deposit slips.
  4. Self addressed envelopes. Want someone to write you back? Put a return address sticker in the “To” spot on a blank envelope. Don’t forget the stamp. Also useful for rebates that require self-addressed envelopes.
  5. Gifts. Some gifts are hard to attach a gift tag to, so I stick some of the more elegant return address stickers on the gift so they know who it is from. Not because I want to claim my gift, but mostly to make it easier for those who want to send thank-you cards later.

3 Responses to “Friday’s 5 at 5: Return Address Stickers”

  • Lynn

    I’m so glad you wrote this post. I also receive a lot of free address labels and although I feel guilty accepting them when I am not able to make a donation, I do need them.

  • LWilliams

    I also have a few on hand for when you go to restaurants (okay, Chuck E Cheese) with other people and all the drink cups look alike. I stick those freebie labels on for me and my brood. 🙂

  • mary murphy

    As a busy mom of 5 and business owner I really like your Lists page. One more for the address labels idea–Whenever I go to an auction or school function where they are selling raffle tix I bring labels- saves me writing my name and address 30 times on a tiny ticket! Your site has some really great ideas and I love the easy clean look to it! If you are ever looking for more cute kid -friendly recipes that happen to go along with books, let me know- it’s my specialty!


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