Project 52: Blueprints

Nathan went to the grocery store magazine section and purchased a magazine of house plans. No, we’re not moving. And no, we’re not building a house. We are just looking and wishing. It was fun though. Now that we own a house, we know what it takes to maintain it and the upkeeps. So we know more of what we want and what we don’t want. Lesson #1: Building a dream house requires experience living in houses.

It was interesting learning each other’s requirements of a home. We discovered we have similar tastes in home. Nathan’s requirement was a place in the garage to store all the law equipment and the master closet cannot be in the master bathroom. I need a craft room and the garage needs to be near the kitchen for easy unloading of groceries. We had a great time looking at house plans and talking about our dream house. Lesson #2: Our dream house is going to be awesome! Better start saving now.

Nathan said: We looked at house plans when we first got married and so this was fun to see how our tastes and preferences have changed (or not changed) since then. Another requirement for me is a den and/or media room. You know for the kids…

» Tell me… What are some of your requirements for your dream house?

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9 Responses to “Project 52: Blueprints”

  • Jenny Yarbrough

    Tom and I love to do this and we haven’t in a while. It’s so much fun to dream about what we would like. Great idea for a date night!

  • Destri

    Me and Aaron LOVE to do this! We even get out his graph paper and draw out what we would love…you know for one day when we win the lottery 😉

  • Cecilia

    This is one of our favorite things to do! I think we even own the same book you have 🙂

    My hubby’s requirements are a place to put his woodworking equipment and enough space in the garage to put in both cars and the lawn equipment. Also a first floor master bedroom, because this would likely be the house we would retire in. I want a large eat-in kitchen, open floor space and separate his and hers walk-in closets. I also want a mud room between kitchen and garage and a pantry near kitchen. So much fun to dream 🙂

  • amy

    I love to do this. My husband thinks its a little weird, but he hummers me 🙂

  • cheree

    Daniel and I love dreaming up what our house would be like if we built. We have done the remodel route and it would be nice to start from scratch and build.

  • Vanessa

    Requirements: RANCH with daylight basement (finished), brick, attic fan, usable fireplace (not some generic, lame, builder grade fireplace that doesn’t heat the house) or wood burning stove, mud room for sure. SUPER large, walk-in pantry, lots of counter space (I love my kitchen now but need that pantry) and cabinets not meant for giants. A room made JUST for food storage in the basement. A semi-level lot on at least .50 acres or more. I really like our house we are in now minues the tri-level, that’s why I say “RANCH”. No stairs!

  • Melanie

    Hi Tiffany, I joined the project 52 date night on Father’s day. I was excited to prioritize our marriage. And I love your ideas to keep it at home with kids asleep. Thank you for coming up with the idea. I’m excited to see the next ideas…We built our house through a non-profit organization that allows groups of low income families build their houses together. We really appreciate the house we have, and the knowledge gained by the experience. But our next house will hopefully be bigger!


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