Project 52: Late Date

Since I spent last weekend meeting craft bloggers and having some girl time, Nathan and I couldn’t fit in a date night. So we ended up postponing it to Sunday. He had things planned for date night. Actually he was contemplating three different options. But by the time Sunday came around, we were both beat. We took a two hour nap and then played Wii Sports. And please excuse our lack of photo this week. It’s hard taking a photo while we are napping. Lesson #1: Weeks like these, you almost want to just forget about date night. Let it go for a week. But then you realize that any effort to spend time together is better than no effort. And sometimes, it’s about the effort you both put into it rather than what you do and how long you spend time together.

Nathan said: I’ll have to bring my A game for next weeks date. Anyway, the nap was really nice until Kaye came in yelling “Cock a doodle doo!” as loud as possible.

» Tell me… How do you keep date nights going on your busy weeks? What motivates you to keep doing date nights?

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5 Responses to “Project 52: Late Date”

  • Tom and Debi Walter - The Romantic Vineyard

    Tiffany – it’s so funny you had a week like ours! Although I don’t have little children interrupting a great nap, I have other interruptions. We spent our date night just catching up! You’ll have to read it. We are halfway through the year…kind of like a Wednesday which is called “hump day” for a reason. The good news is it should all be downhill from here! 🙂 I can’t wait to read what Nathan comes up with as his “A game” next week. No pressure…LOL!

  • MamaTina

    I’ve found that moving Date Night up a night instead of back a night makes it a lot easier to remember and to have energy for it when we are busy.

  • Shauna

    Sometimes you just need a nap, hey?
    My biggest motivation is knowing how important a little quality time is for our relationship. It feels good to spend that time together, even if we’d rather skip it due to a busy schedule. It’s always possible to fit in an hour or so.


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