Project 52: Mad Libs & Word Search

It was time for us to have another at-home date. The whole month of May was breathless for us. Nathan’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Nathan’s graduation, our anniversary wrapped in with all the other stuff going on in our lives. And now that the month is over, I am panicking that it is all ready June. Really? The year is almost half over? What have I done this year? Lesson #1: When you start to panic about how fast time is going by, do something to get your mind off it.

So, I planned for a easy date at home. I found this Mad Libs at the thrift store for 50 cents. Then I purchased those word search from the Target’s dollar section a couple years ago. I love a good word search right before bed. It clears my mind. And this was one of those dates similar to the puzzle date where we didn’t talk much while we were competing against each other in the word search. But the Mad Libs. That was funny. It seemed immature and childish, but it was nice to bring that part of us out for the night. Lesson #2: A little competition and some games to exercise the mind is quite refreshing.

Nathan said: I had not done a mad lib since the 5th grade. Tiffany’s mid lib had a few sentences that were really funny. I was really sure that I could beat Tiffany at once in our word search race. I thought I won the second round but it turns out that Tiffany was searching for a word she had already crossed out. Now that my month is coming up I’m going to pick a game that I know I can win.

» Tell me… When was the last time you played a game from childhood? When was the last time you played Mad Libs?

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8 Responses to “Project 52: Mad Libs & Word Search”

  • Shauna

    That does sound like a busy month. I’m surprised you were able to do your date.. but that’s the point, right? There’s always time to make time for each other…
    Bringing out the little kid in ourselves can be so relaxing. What a fun date idea!

  • April

    This is so funny. My husband and I were at Old Navy and they had tons of Mad Libs, one being a Star Wars one and I told him that would be a fun date night!

  • Cecilia

    LOL! Hubby and I played Othello (free from MIL’s attic)and I lost three times in a row! I guess this easily replaces Cribbage as the game that we play when I want to get my derriere kicked! We also played Monopoly and for the first time ever, I won! I need to check out our local thrift store for more board games for our game closet 🙂 Now that our regular shows have ended for the season, we are finding that we have “date night at home” a lot more often during the week. Last week we had a bonfire in our back yard and had s’mores and saw the first fireflies of the season. On another night I sat down and let my hubby explain to me his spreadsheet of “possibilities” in how early we can retire based on many factors (stay on same house vs move to a bigger house, me going back to work vs me staying home, how long our cars can last vs getting a new car). We’re both schoolteachers, so something like this is a bit easier to plan. No matter what the economy, there is always a need for teachers somewhere…)

    • Tiffany

      hi cecilia. we are gamers here. we love games. and i know what you mean about our shows being over. now what do we do at night? 🙂 teachers in our state are getting laid off or a bunch of them are retiring with no replacements. so it’s tough for teachers here.

  • overtiredmum

    Someone else had a madlibs date night – don’t get them over here in the UK. Have been keeping my eyes open they sound fun.

    happy date night xo

    • Tiffany

      i’m going to have to send you some next time i find them at the thrift store. it is fun to do!

  • Melissa

    Absolutely LOVE this concept. I had to write a blurb on my blog ( to share the idea with my readers. Thanks for inspiring me to make this weekly commitment!


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