Project 52: Painting Portraits

Date night rolled around and Nathan still needed an idea. I told him about a date I read about two weeks ago. One of our Project 52: Date Nights participants, matter of fact. Moments to Live By was the site. They bought supplies at the craft store and painted portraits of each other. I liked that idea and suggested it to Nathan. Luckily we had all the supplies all ready at home so no purchasing involved. Although we didn’t do it on canvas as they did. Lesson #1: Exchanging date night ideas with other participants is a great way to find fun ideas at the last minute.

As you can see with our pictures, we are not artists. Nope. We did not inherit that skill. We both have siblings who are artists. But not us. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why we are so compatible. But we had fun sitting opposite of each other and drawing each other’s faces. Then fixing it. I say our paintings look more like mug shots or police sketch drawings… done by 8 year olds. Lesson #2: Even though we are not good at painting, we were able to have fun doing something poorly together.

Nathan said: This was pretty fun. Now that these portraits are public I really wish I had more artistic skills. The camera also doesn’t show all of the shading I did. Anyway, this date was pretty fun and we both were able to be creative even if our skills aren’t up to public criticism. Now back to finding ideas for the rest of the dates this month…

» Tell me… Are you a painter? What are your tricks of the trade?

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5 Responses to “Project 52: Painting Portraits”

  • Shauna

    Cute portraits!
    You can tell Nathan that he’s more “logically creative,” as he most likely likes to find the best ways to have code work when programming, no?

  • jenjen

    that is a really cute idea! I have never heard of that one before. I think it would be a wonderful date. Cute portraits too!


  • Aubrey

    Looks like fun!!! I think hubs and I will try that next week… We don’t have paint, so we’ll probably just use crayons 🙂

  • dana

    what a fun idea tiffany! I love that they’re not perfect like a trained artist would do :). Mine would look the same!

    It was so great to meet you yesterday! I’m so happy you hung out for the day and that we had lots of time to chat. Too bad we can’t live closer, right?? Hope you have a nice Sunday!


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