Adventures of Modern Mom: Reverted

I wanted to have Kaye potty trained before Elle came into our lives. I liked the idea of purchasing diapers for one less person. I didn’t like the thought of potty training while I nursed and took care of the demanding needs of a newborn baby.

We started potty training the week before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day was the first day she had no accidents. Two months later, Elle was born. While I was at the hospital, the accidents began to reoccured with Grandma and Grandpa watching Kaye at our home. She knew something was going on, especially since that was the first time mom was gone for several days.

I thought that maybe when I got home from the hospital, things would get better again. Nope. Wrong. It actually got worst. We were all paying a little less attention to Kaye. Not on purpose. Of course not. The demands of a new born baby required a lot of mommy’s attention. All of a sudden Kaye wasn’t mom’s little sidekick. That made her sad. It made me sad. So to get mom’s attention, she had accidents. Quite often. Bad attention was better than no attention, right?

People would come over to visit the new baby. Kaye would come sit on my lap while we had company over and pee while sitting on me. People used come see her. Now they only asked her about the new baby. Not so much about how her day was going. It was embarrassing and frustrating to clean up accidents, Kaye and myself while having guests over. I would lecture Kaye about going to the potty. She would respond with full understanding only to have another accident later that day.

This was when the princess idea came to life. Kaye loved Disney princesses. So I purchased a set of princess figurines, it came in a set of seven princesses. Every few days Kaye would go without having an accident, a princess showed up on her pillow right before bed. She came with a personal note telling Kaye how well she was doing not having any accidents because princesses go potty in the toilet. If there was something Kaye needed to work on, the princesses would relay that message. It was more effective coming from a princess than from mom.

The catch was if she had an accident again, then the princesses would go away (one at a time). And I told her that the princesses went away when she had accidents because it made them sad. Princesses only want to be with big girls who can go potty in the toilet. She eventually earned all her princesses back. This reverting thing only lasted two weeks with this princess system.

» Tell me… Did your child revert from potty training? What did you do to help him get back on track?

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5 Responses to “Adventures of Modern Mom: Reverted”

  • Lisa

    My oldest (4yrs now) loves those little princess figurines. Got her hooked at 2yrs (better than Barbies).

    What worked for us was setting a timer in 1 hr increments. Every hour she had to try on the potty. If anything happened, we’d do our “potty dance.” Our family would dance CRAZY around the dining room to a specific popular song she loved at the time (she still calls it the potty song). Sometimes we would even call dad at work and he would just hear the song and know.

    She still had the occasional accident but when Daddy told her she couldn’t go to Cinderella’s Castle if she had accidents, surprise surprise, that was the end of accidents…and I started planning the trip. We went to Disney World in March and it was AWESOME for everyone.

  • Madison

    I have a three month old daughter, Hannah, and a daughter who will turn two next week, Ada. I waited to train Ada until after our baby was born (because I was afraid that she may revert to having accidents for attention).

    We bought her potty a month before her sister was born and just set it in the
    bathroom…let Ada sit on it clothed and talked about going potty.

    When Hannah came home I waited about a week and then sat Ada on the potty for fifteen minutes every day. I did this for two weeks and eventually she was going in the potty daily.

    After those two weeks Ada and I picked out underwear at the store and I had her wear it for one hour a day for a week. She only had a few accidents but I explained that she could sit on her potty any time she needed to.

    After that week, Ada started wearing underwear ALL DAY, and has been ever since. I had to start out taking her to sit every hour so she wouldn’t have a million accidents (like she did the first day of all day undies).

    Now she will tell me if she has to go and has nearly no accidents.

    …but I still put a diaper on her at night and will start to focus on night-time training soon!

  • Line

    What a great idea to use princesses to help Kaye get back into the swing of potty training! So genius! 🙂 My son never regressed when baby #2 came, though people often warned me that it might happen. I got lucky I guess. I do, however, TOTALLY understand the sadness you felt for Kaye with adjusting to a new baby. I too felt SO sad for my son ALL the time when we were adjusting to a newborn. It really is difficult to try to meet the demands of a newborn while still trying to give a toddler as much attention as she/he is used to. Anyway, thanks for sharing, definitely will keep this idea in mind if for future potty training experiences. Although, I will probably have to use th0mas trains or something. 🙂


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