BTB Tip #20: Sticky Notes for Auto-Flush Toilets

Back to basics tip #20: You know how annoying those auto-flush toilets can be. It flushes while you are still going and when you are done, it doesn’t flush. You wave your hand in front of the sensor hoping it will flush so you don’t have to touch that nasty button to manually flush it.

And now that you have a little toddler sitting on these auto-flush toilets, it’s even worst because they don’t quite reach the sensors. Then they are scared to go after the toilet flushed on them before they actually went.

Solve that problem by keeping a stack of sticky notes in your purse or diaper bag. Before your toddler hops on the toilet, place a sticky note over the sensor. This will prevent the flushing before they are done. Remove the note when you are ready to flush.

The bonus to having sticky notes in your bag is you can also take a quick note or jot down a phone number.

» Tell me… What are your tricks for preventing the auto-flush going too soon? Are you annoyed by the auto-flush toilets or do you wish you had one at home?

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